The Animal guys just put up a rad “Catching Up With DeMarcus” interview on their site about Deemo’s X Games Real BMX part and then some.  Check it out over at Photo J.Cobbs 

Were there battles fought for any of the clips?
I really struggled with the rail manual-to-bar. We went three times to try to get it. First time I went, I tried it four hours straight. I got into the manual once and looped out off the rail. Second time I wanted to just get the manual without the bar because it felt impossible to even get into the manual. I got the manual in like thirty minutes of trying it, I was stoked and we left. When we left I was instantly talking to myself and getting frustrated that I accepted the manual and didn’t do the bar like I wanted to. I few days later I hit [Mike] Mastroni up and told him that we are gonna get the manual bar. A week later we made it back to the school. We set up and I started to warm up for a bit then some skaters showed up and started really being annoying because one kept jumping on the rail while I was trying to film on it. I eventually told him to move out the way because of the distraction he was causing. The dude just happens to be Riley Hawk—Tony Hawk’s son [laughs]. He was understanding and just went and sat down with his buddies until I pulled the manual bar 45 minutes later.

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