Catching Up With DeMarcus Paul

While some pros take a bit of time off from working on a DVD part, DeMarcus kept going and went back to work on several different projects.  His new video from All Day BMX is dropping tomorrow at DIG too, you don’t want to miss that one.  Since Deemo is always on the move, we finally caught up with him to see what he’s working on and what he has in the works. Full interview and gallery after the jump. 

What have you been up to since the Finer Things has been released?
Just riding every day and work on different projects with Doeby, filming for Likewise and a Merritt edit that is due to drop sometime next month.

What has been the feedback from your section in The Finer Things?
Ya, actually its been pretty surprising, people from all around the world have seen the video and people will either message me on Facebook or direct message me on instagram and say they really enjoyed my part and the video.

Anyone in particular hit you up that you were stoked on?
Ya, Brad Simms sent me a message on Facebook saying he was psyched on it and that was pretty awesome coming from him.

Which part from the DVD was your favorite?
Oh that’s a tough one, I have to say Jason Enns. Looking at how he’s been able to change over the years along with BMX and still remain relevant and produce so much good stuff, its just really inspiring. Mike did a really good job with his part and the music just goes together so well. I usually watch his part around 4 or 5 times a week.

You mentioned working on Likewise, what is that project about?
Likewise is a full length DVD all filmed in standard definition with a few guys from all around San Diego with different styles. Doeby hit me up to work on it about a year and a half ago and yeah that’s how I got started with that.


Is working on Likewise at all similar to working on The Finer Things? How is it similar and how is it different?
I came into The Finer Things project a little bit late so I felt a bit more pressure to get things done and make the most of the time I had on the project, which I think was around 8 or 9 months. With Likewise I have more time to work on it and I can really think out what I want to do and work on it a bit more slowly. Doeby also lives right around the corner from me so I can just go out whenever with him and work on stuff. And one was filmed in High Def and the other is SD.

What clip were you most happy with from your Finer Things section?
I definitely have to say the tooth over bar because I went to try it a few years ago and wasn’t able to do it and then I saw Jeremiah Smith do it in a web edit and I believe he was the first guy to do it and to me it just gave me more drive to find the perfect spot to get that trick done. Then I found the setup from the video and made it happen, I was really happy with it when it all came together.

You recently went on a trip with the All Day crew to Ensenada, Mexico. What was that like?
It was awesome, the other times I’ve been down to Mexico were for All Day jams in Mexicali and those are sick but there isn’t much down time. This trip to Ensenada was more just to hang out with some of the All Day guys down there and ride good spots and enjoy ourselves. Which was a nice change of pace from the other trips I’ve done down there.

Did you see anything wild while you were down there?
I didn’t see anything too wild but we did have a cool experience at a taco shop down there. We were getting some tacos at the this shop and some of the people were talking to us about why we were down there and Alex from All Day told them what we were up to and that we all rode and so then the owner of the shop gave me a shop shirt, which they all signed for me and then I did a few hop bars in the shop cause they asked me to do a couple tricks. It was a great experience.

The word around the water cooler is that you may or may not be getting your own product line with Volume, can you talk about that?
Umm I’m able to talk about it but I’m trying to keep it low key too because I’m just trying to enjoy the moment and understand it and appreciate it and take it all in because I’ve never had anything like it before.

Does Volume have anything in the works for after The Finer Things?
Yeah, Mastroni came up with an idea to keep the ball rolling after The Finer Things with a project called Volume Chapters. There’s going to be three different chapters and each chapter will feature a different group of Volume riders filming in different cities while on trips and around each other’s hometowns. I’m part of the first group and we have a trip lined up to go up to Portland to start working on it. The first chapter is supposed to include myself, Billy Perry, Josh Clemens and Zach Krejmas.

You mentioned recently that you are working on a DIG feature with Kevin Connors, how has that process been?
Its been cool, working with Kevin and the Dig project is giving me a chance to do some things I’ve wanted to do around San Diego and to work with different people. And it’s another good opportunity to keep the ball rolling.

To wrap it up, lets talk about your instagram, where people can keep up to date on all thing Demarcus ( @DemarcusPaul ) now that they are huge fans of yours from reading this interview. You go pretty hard on the insta game, how do you look at instagram on a day to day basis versus your long term projects that you want to keep under wraps?
The whole thing about Insta and being able to get that instant gratification from putting things online has actually made it easier for me to separate what I want to film and what I’m working on that day. I try and stay busy on insta and promote my sponsors and I’m able to do that by just posting the things that I’m riding and the tricks that I’m messing with that day. The things I want to film and challenge myself with are still able to develop quietly while I’m able to post daily about the sessions I have with friends in between the filming missionsCATCHING UP WITH DEMARCUS PUAL: Wallride gap



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