We first heard about Brazilian badass, Caique Gomes through our good bud, Barney at Odyssey.  Caique’s been a fan of Volume and our team for years and showed interest in getting on our international team through Dream BMX in Brazil.  He’s definitely gone a long way since we last saw him in Los Angeles, and is constantly working his ass off over there with getting clips/ photos. We just got a chance to interview Caique to ask a few questions on what interests us and hopefully you too. Photos: @ruthficsmidia

What’s a day in the life of Caique like?
My life is totally dedicated to bmx and is my work. I wake up every morning with a balanced diet, something I have been doing for some time to improve my daily performance on my bike. Right after I go to the gym then I come back to study something; be it English or something pertinent to my personal development. At noon I eat lunch and then I leave to solve any pending situation related to my new brand, which is taking up most of my time, or something personal like banks, paying bills and so on…

Can you tell us about Caique Gomes Company and what you have plan for it?
So the “Caique Gomes company”(CG) is my new brand of clothing and accessories on which I have been working for more than a year on, but just now I can dedicate myself to its grand opening. Because I’m always traveling to competitions or filming some video which takes up most of my time. So I hope you can follow this grand opening that will bring unique quality products… @caiquegomescomp

Staying here in the states for a long period of time, what do you see as the big difference in BMX or the industry compared to Brazil?
To start the USA has a totally different economy than Brazil, making it easier for more people to buy bikes and start riding. This is the main point for me! In spite of this, the Brazilian BMX is growing like never before, and new brands are being created. Imports are growing and a new nation of riders are making the difference, opening the eyes of the world to Brazilians that have the same dedication as any other rider in the world or even more dedicated due to the lack of infrastructure and government and local incentives .

“Volume is a company that I have always admired where we can see that it has a relationship that goes way beyond working with the athletes”

We always thought of you as a street rider but looks like you shred park too, do you enjoy riding both or one over the other and why?
I’m a street rider! This is not just a characteristic but yes a LIFESTYLE too. I like to dominate or master at least the basics of each modality so I can ride in any terrain that I am at, I think this is a characteristic that sets me apart from many riders.  I can take a little of each style to the streets, which is my main objective .

What really made you seek out and want to ride a Volume?
Volume is a company that I have always admired where we can see that it has a relationship that goes way beyond working with the athletes. It’s a point that I like much and in spite of little contact due to distance, I feel totally at ease to call my family!

You recently got a new Vessel frame, anything stands out on it that you’re really stoked on?
For sure! To start off with the “Vessel frame” is an excellent frame in which I found no faults, so much as in the angle and model as well as its state of the art paint, not mentioning the fact that it carry the name of my great buddy “Broc Raiford” who is an inspiration not only to me but to several other big athletes in the sport.

We going to see you again in the states soon?
Yes sooner than you imagine. As in the last 3 years which I spent 6 months in the states each time, this year won’t be different. As I said in my first response my life is entirely dedicated to BMX, and we all know that it’s important to spend time in the USA filming, doing some competitions and of course hanging out with my friends. So expect to see me soon! I will be back on the streets of Los Angeles again.

You’re always busy working on some sort of video project, can we expect to see anything soon?
Not only should you, but you must. The last months I have been busy filming for 2 big projects that you will soon see on the website, clips filmed in LA and parts here in Brazil, registering my official entry to the team!

Caique Gomes Check:
Frame: Volume Vessel 21” – Oreo
Fork: Volume Anchor
Bar: Volume Captain 9.25″
Grips: Odyssey Broc
Stem: Volume VLM top load
Headset: Odyssey Integrated
Seat: Volume Nautical Pivotal
Post: Odyssey Pivotal
Cranks: Odyssey Calibur
Bottom Bracket: Odyssey Mid
Chain: Odyssey Key Chain
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted Pro
Sprocket: Odyssey La Guardia 28t
Tires: Sunday Street Sweeper 2.4
Front Wheel: Odyssey Hazard Lite
Rear Wheel: Odyssey Hazard Lite Freecoaster LHD 9t
Pegs:: Volume War Horse