Broc’s Vessel Frame Up Close

It’s always interesting hearing what goes on behind the scenes with how something is made, especially from a pro riders point of view.  We sat down with Broc and got the scoop about his Vessel frame and why he chose certain specs, name and graphics.  Click more to read the full interview and see his finalized Vessel frame up-close. 

What have you been up to lately?
To say I’ve been riding a lot lately is a severe understatement. Whether it’s catching a session with my homies at a skatepark or out filming for the Volume Shoot Your Future DVD with the team. It seems like it’s non-stop and I’m not complaining. Other than that, I’ve been painting a lot lately as well as playing ping pong and Guitar Hero.  Also, I have recently been hanging out with a girl pretty often and I guess you could say things have escalated from the “friend zone” haha.

Lets get to it, what made you choose the name, Vessel for your frame?
My ideas for the sticker graphics were all there but the name was still a mystery. I knew I wanted to go with a nautical theme but nothing I could come up with really hit the nail on the head. I asked for help from the team and they all came up with some really funny and mildly offensive names but nothing that really stuck out.  Bahlman came through with a huge list of names and Vessel hit me like Mastroni’s weird capri pants.

What are the main features of a frame do you look out for the most?
I’m definitely a stickler for head tube angles and backend lengths. Those two very crucial features make a frame feel great. I’m not really into some of the super steep head tubes some people are running these days and a long backend makes me feel like I’m bunny hopping a limo. A tall stand-over is also a must, being that I’m slightly larger than the average bike rider. It’s funny saying that now, looking back on my younger self running a scooter frame with a stand-over the height of an iPhone.

After riding the Bermuda for a bit, what similarities did you want to keep or change?
I really like the Bermuda!  It’s got everything you’d need when on the market for a frame to ride in your next video on The Come Up haha. I really liked the back-end length and the head tube angle of the Bermuda, so I stuck with the head tube angle and slightly shortened up the back-end. I couldn’t be happier with the specs I’ve chosen for this frame because when testing the prototypes, I had some of the best sessions of my life.

Was there a frame spec in particular that makes you do a trick easier?
That head tube angle works wonders for nose manuals. Something about the 75º angle I chose in particular just lets me lock in and roll around like a unicycle. With the head tube being too steep, you’ll be trying not to flip over more than actually nose manualing and if the head tube is too mellow, your forearms will be Jello trying to fight to get your backend in the air. The head tube on the Vessel though… feels just right!

Broc's Vessel Up-Close

I know you went back and forth on a couple different features on this frame like the S bend chainstays vs the standard single bend, what was the problem?
I was so against the S bend chainstays at first. I just thought it didn’t look right and wanted the standard bend so badly. However, when I went to build up one of the first samples, I couldn’t get my sprocket side of my drive train to go all the way in because it was hitting the chainstay before my bottom bracket. I know what you’re thinking, “Just add spacers dummy”. Tried that, and then my 28t sprocket was like a half mile off from lining up with my cassette. So in the end, the S bend started to look a lot cooler haha.

I know a lot of frames don’t have the 9.25” stand-over, you think that’s something frames will have in the future and why?
Crazy to think just a couple years back that frames were 8” and below for whips and etc, haha.
I never really looked at it that way. I mean if you really wanted to get crazy, what if the stand-over is so high that one day kids will be run the risk of racking themselves on their own bikes haha. But seriously, I really like the 9.25″ stand-over because I feel that it puts your seat in the right spot without having to use a ladder to mount your trusty stead.

What’s the one big feature on the Vessel that you’re most pumped about?
If we’re talking specs, I am really hyped on the stand-over height. I usually run my seat slammed so having a tall stand over will have my seat where it needs to be without showing any post.  I’m also really into the stickers. They came out absolutely perfect and I couldn’t be more stoked on them.

Cool, I think that about does it.  Anything you want to add to draw riders in to buy your frame?
Yo, this frame is awesome and gets you mad girls! Sometimes I just cruise through Main St in HB just to have a line-up of dimes following and asking me about my frame. Not only that, but it’s way better than Jason’s frame (the Cerberus) because he still secretly runs front brakes and we all know thats just outdated haha. You don’t need any other persuasion than that!

Broc's Vessel Up-Close

Vessel frame drops in March. Contact your local Volume dealer to pre-order or for more info.



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