Stoked to see RIDE just put up Broc’s new bike check with all his new version 2 goods that drops beginning of May.  Good lil interview with Broc about his setup, what he changed up and why he rides what he rides.  Check the rest out at RIDEbmx.  

What I Ride - Broc Raiford

“Following up the heavy-hitting Pro Part that Broc Raiford dropped last week he decided it was time to put his old vessel to rest and built-up a fresh bike. Besides being glossy black, this bike is a carbon copy of what Broc rode while filming his Pro Part. Here’s your chance to see everything Broc rides, including his signature Volume Vessel frameAnchor forkCaptain bars, Odyssey Raft stem, signature Odyssey grips, and more…” – RIDEbmx

Q.) You’re riding the V2 Vessel frame, what are some of the updates from the OG frame? And how do the changes feel when you’re riding?
A.) The V2 Vessel frame now has an ovalized down tube to be stronger against dents as well as giving the frame a subtle yet sleek new look. I’m also really hyped on the anchor logo braised onto the top tube gusset to match the one on the Anchor Forks. I didn’t change the geometry at all on the V2 frame because I have always been more than satisfied with how the frame felt! Overall I am ecstatic about the new version of the Vessel frame and can’t wait for everyone to see the new color ways we’ve got coming. Huge thanks to Brian Castillo at Volume for all the help and working with me to make my frame ideas a reality!

What I Ride - Broc Raiford



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