Broc’s Instagram Bunnyhop Contest

Now you can own a part of Broc’s better half (his bike) by entering your biggest bunnyhop picture on Instagram. All you have to do is shoot a pic of your biggest bunnyhop (helps that you’re hopping over something to give it depth) and use hashtag #brochopcontest in the description. The winner will receive Broc’s bike (pictured after the jump) as well as softgoods from Volume and Odyssey. Get hopping! Click more for rules and more pics of the goodies.

How to Enter:
Follow our Instagram Pages @volumebikes and @brocafloka
Post your highest hop on Instagram and hashtag #brochopcontest in your description
Contest starts the Nov 15th and will end Dec 15th.

What you win:
Broc’s USED Volume/Odyssey complete bike.  Assorted Volume and Odyssey softgoods and stickers.
Frame: Volume Mystery Machine, 21″
Fork: Volume Black Mamba
Headset: Odyssey
Stem: Classic Odyssey
Handlebars: Volume Bourbon St. Bar
Grips: Odyssey Cufflink
Tires: Odyssey Hawk 2.2
Rear Wheel: G-Sport
Front Wheel: G-Sport
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted
Chain: Odyssey
Sprocket: Odyssey C512
Seat: Volume
Post: Volume Pivotal
Clamp: Integrated

Sorry, contest is only for Continental US residents.  Why?  Freight overseas costs a lot on large items and is not worth it for us to ship free merch.
Note: If winner okays to pay for freight, we will however reconsider.  Sorry again and good luck.



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