Was stoked to wake up and see this one come across my Instagram feed. Broc sat down with Jeremy Pavia to dig deep about everything that’s going on in BMX, life and then some. Good read, check it out at

“Broc is the type of person that is incredibly easy to get along with and has the type of vibe where he truly understands that in this world you get what you give. Not only that, but he’s humble, respectful and wise beyond his years. His skills on a bike are at an all-time high and his outlook on riding is refreshing. With progression happening all around him on a daily basis, Broc is more motivated than ever to help keep pushing BMX in the right direction. To be honest, all other pros should take notes on Broc’s attitude and approach to riding in general. He seems to see the big picture for what it is and truly appreciates every day that he gets to make a living as a professional rider. Sit back, grab a beverage of choice, and take some time to learn a thing or two about Broc and who he is beyond the incredible rider.” – DIG