Broc Update From The Road.


Broc just got back from his first DansComp trip out to Virginia and Washington DC with filmer Stew Johnson. Here’s a little update from his travels for your Saturday morning…

“Towards the end of our stay in DC, the guy showing us around mentioned a skate plaza that was always vacant that was a good warm up spot. We checked it out and sure enough it was a Maloof Money Cup plaza built in the middle of nowhere that no one really skated/rode. Seeing how much I loved the park Stew suggested we filmed my Welcome to The Team edit there. Without hesitation we started stacking and ended with enough clips! Be on the look of for that dropping soon!”…..

“We started off the trip in Richmond, VA which proved itself to be somewhere I’d consider moving once I ever move from California (probably never) haha. We stayed with Steve Crandall and he brought nothing short of good times! The weather was a bit of a hassle but we managed to hit a lot of amazing spots and stack some clips I’m hyped on for my Dans DVD section.”

“After spending a few more days in Richmond, VA we decided to head on out to Washington D.C. which to my surprise was filled with amazing spots! However, security is so up tight there, you couldn’t even get close enough to look at some of the spots. Again, the weather had us in a bind but we were able to go out in the morning and/or evening to session. I got to see many of the historical monuments such as the capital building in the picture above.”

“I flew out of Philly so we headed on down to Jersey to spend a night at Van Homan’s house. It was crazy because that night we all sat down to eat dinner and I had to fan girl out and post an Instagram photo of me eating with two legends! We woke up the next morning and headed over to Philly where we started the day off at FDR. It was amazing and I had such a blast hauling ass around bowl corners. After we went to cruise through downtown Philly and saw some famous spots, but didn’t ride much due to time issues. We boarded up in a hotel for the night and I had to get up at 4am to catch my 6:30am flight. Therefore, I am a zombie typing this update on my phone from 69,000 feet high!”



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