Broc @ Summer Camp.

Broc just sent thru this little update from a BMX camp in Baton Rouge that he recently visited, as well as the above snap of him and his friends filming for his upcoming Hunt section…which knowing Broc should be nothing short of amazing.

“Hey guys,

Hope all is going well! A few weeks ago I visited a BMX camp at the BREC skatepark in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Every kid there was super stoked on BMX, even some of the skateboard campers. It was a really hot day but that doesn’t stop a bunch of 9 – 14 year old kids from going hard! I spent the morning shredding around with all the campers and we had a great time. It was really awesome to see the next generation of riders and how much the sport is growing in my area. Once we left BREC we proceeded to film for my HUNT part which is now finished. I’ve attached the photos for you guys to view some of fun we had that day.” -Broc

Shout out to Fat Tony for the photos.

Flair Bear.

Like a G.



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