Broc, Jonas, Lil D, & Platt Weekend.


This past weekend Broc and Myself headed down to San Diego to chill with Ronnie Nap & Jonas. We rode some bikes, filmed some clips, play ping pong, drank some beers, and had a good time of course…

After Broc totally escaped death at the first street spot, we headed over to the Enarson backyard setup mid afternoon to session the ramps and hang out with Jonas. Jonas just left on a Markit trip to Barcelona to wrap up filming for Markit Zero…you can follow along with their trip on Instagram #MarkitBCN.

Oh this spot? If you pay attention to pretty much any noteworthy web video coming out of the San Diego area you alreadyy know some heavy hitters have laid down hammers on these ledges. Broc was stoked to ride this spot and came up with some magic of his own.

Saturday lunch break in Ocean Beach with the crew.

Buncha fuggin’ weirdos. This is how Broc celebrates clip success….

For Sunday, I headed back home to Long Beach and then up to LA to ride with the one and only Lil D. Here we are in the process of filming a line outside a grocery store somewhere in east LA where a bunch of people were staring at us the whole time.

Alex Platt may have just got a sick new ad in Dig, but all the fame and fourtune isn’t gonna stop him from taking your old clothes out of a dumpster. When we asked Platt what he was doing, he said “…looking for interesting fabric..” which made a little more sense, but to the average person driving by, he may as well have been a homeless man.



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