Broc In Defgrip’s Japan Travel Log Edit.

JAPAN: A TRAVELOGUE from Defgrip on Vimeo.

Probably one of the hardest working humans in BMX, Mr. Walter Peringer put together this edit from Broc’s time in Japan a few months ago. In between doing demos, they were able to find tons of amazing spots around their hotel. That wave thing that they ride looks like the most awkward intimidating thing ever…simply put if Broc and Chad Kerley have trouble bunnyhopping into something, you can only imagine how crazy it would be for your average Joe…Broc’s crankarm wasn’t too shabby either! As many of you may know if you follow us on Instagram ( Broc recently suffered a broken bone in his wrist and is set to have surgery to get her all fixed up. Hang in there buddy…ill pour some Lime-a-rita out for ya.



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