Brian Castillo Bike Check

The man himself, Papa Castillo let me shoot a bike check! Get into it!

Name: Brian Castillo
Age: Yeah right
Where are you from? Placentia, Ca.

What has been going on lately? Oh man, where to start? Instead of boring everyone, I’ll skip this one.
Who do you normally ride with? My riding schedule is different from a lot of dudes, not a lot of guys want to wake up at 7am to ride. It’s usually just me and whoever is at the park.

Any big plans for the rest of the year? Other than my usual routine, not much. I do have the Demolition reunion trip planned. I don’t normally get free time to go on trips, so this is pretty exciting to hit the open roads with those guys.
What modifications have you done to your bike? A lot of my bike parts are samples that aren’t yet released. I guess that’s the cool thing with owning a company. I don’t really mod anything out, it’s all stock.

Give us the run down of your bike?
Frame: The Last Rob’s Zombie Frame Sample
Fork: Demolition Rob Wise Elite Sample
Bars: Alpha
Stem: New Demolition Stealth Sample
Grips: Demolition Missile
Bar Ends: Demolition PC
Headset: Demolition Integrated

Seatpost: Volume Integrated
Seat: Demolition D-Slim
Cranks: Demolition 175 Revolts
Sprocket: Demolition Merit 25t
Chain: Half-Link
Front Tire: Demolition Momentum 2.35
Front Wheel: Zero Rim laced to a Phantom Hub

Rear Tire: Demolition Momentum 2.35
Rear Wheel: 9t RHD Demolition Rolls hub laced to a Zero Rim
Pedals: Demolition’s New Sample Trooper Slim AL. Pedal
Brakes: Demolition Vulcan V2’s
Brake Lever: Dia. Comp Tech 77
Brake Cable: SST
Pegs: Demolition PC Dumbchuck’s Sample w/ CRMO Insert



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