With Boyd’s Venture frame/ fork and all new promo video coming out this month, we figure we’d get with Boyd on a quick bike check as well as a mini interview about his parts, video and some things in between.  Check it out below. Photos: Nic (@summerpoolclub)

You’ve been working on your new Venture frame promo video for awhile, what were some of the highs and lows while working on it?
Argh man this one was actually really tough. Between not having a filmer handy for most of it , to breaking my jaw and hand throughout filming time.  With that being a problem I did the most I can , even took my bike on a work trip to Sydney and snuck a few afternoons of filming in after clocking off.

You still get excited to work on long form project like this one?
Yeah it’s always good having time to stack clips and really go out and get the stuff your after. Not pushing yourself and trying to get something on every single spot you get to hit.

I know some riders never get that banger for their video part or feel like it’s never finished, was there one trick that just didn’t work out?
Argh not really with this video, got pretty much everything I set out to get. Would have loved to find that perfect ender set up but just didn’t come to me this time.

Your Venture frame is now officially out world wide from all of our distros, and it’s been the works for a bit.  How’s it feel to have it finally come to life after almost a year of waiting?
Oh man it’s crazy. I’ve known about it for a long time but now that it’s out in the wild it’s really hit me! I’ve got a frame with my name on it!!  It’s been a dream from a young age. I remember throwing sig part names back and forth with my mates at the start of high school, but me being me I didn’t  remember any when it came time haha

What were some of the major features on the frame of what you really wanted and wouldn’t budge on?
I really wanted the wishbone in the rear end , I think it looks rad and it makes the frame so much stiffer. Also the stickers I was super picky with the way I wanted them to look and the sizing of them. Big shout out to my good mate Mason Ainsworth for drawing them up for me.

“I’ve got a frame with my name on it!!  It’s been a dream from a young age.”

The back end curves get the most attention, what were your thoughts on that at first?
This one was actually Brian’s (Castillo) idea and when I first seen it I thought it was crazy! But once we got one made and I seen it in person I was stoked on it. I love that you can tell it’s my frame no matter what stickers or colour you paint it.

The forks also have a steeper offset/ rake than any others we’ve ever done, what difference does that make for you?
I noticed it’s a lot easier to pop into nose manuals and I’m down with that! Bloody trick is a curse sometimes.

Saw the LUX guys had a Venture frame release party, how’d that all go down?
Yeah that was rad , Mitch from Lux called me a few days before asking to have a bunch a people instore to view the video and the frames for the first time. I was all for it and as always the boys come along with beers and we a had a good time. Thanks again to the dudes at Lux for making that happen.

You have anything else in the works this year?
Got a few trips in the works, next one in line is to the states for a few VLM/DEMO trips & the US Open bowl contest in Huntington Beach. Other than that, a trip to England for the BOH comp and a few other aus trips working on the Lux dvd.

Thanks man, anything you want to say.
Umm just a quick shout out to Terry from the Aus Volume & Demolition distribution. Without him most of this wouldn’t have happened! So yeah thanks Tez and the rest of my sponsors – Volume bikes, Demolition parts, Dickies Aus, Lux bmx store & Verve footwear

Boyd Hilder Check:
Frame: Volume Venture 21.25″
Fork: Volume Venture
Bar: Volume Captain 9.5″
Grips: VLM Team
Stem: Volume VLM top load
Headset: Demolition Integrated
Seat: Demolition Paradise Tripod
Post: Demolition Tripod
Cranks: Demolition 24mm Rig
Bottom Bracket: Demolition Mid 19mm
Chain: VLM Half Link
Pedals: Demolition Trooper PC
Sprocket: Demolition Mugatu CRMO 28t
Tires: Demolition Hammerhead S 2.4
Front Wheel: Demolition Ghost
Rear Wheel: Demolition RotatoR V2 Freecoaster LHD 9t
Pegs:: Volume War Horse