A few years ago, I had an idea of doing a 26” dirt jump frame. It was designed, named, stickered, and it was already tested and ready to go into production.

I named it the Bloodsucker, but the frame never saw the light of day beyond the sample stage. It’s always bothered me seeing any of my passion projects die out, and so I recently came up with the idea to personally hand paint red blood splatters on an existing, black Volume FTL frame and turn it into the Bloodsucker that I never got to make.

So I decided to make a sample in my garage.  And I  went full-on Jackson Pollock on it. Turns out that splattering and sticking frames is much more time-consuming and messier than I thought

That said, I’m only doing a limited batch of 20 frames for a limited time.

Etnies also got involved in the Bloodsucker project. Thanks to Don Brown, Etnies footwear has agreed to give 30% off any Etnies shoes with a Bloodsucker frame purchase. I’m stoked on the way the frame turned out and that the Bloodsucker lives again. Also, each frame will be etched with my signature and numbered.




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