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Jason Enns’ all new Destroyer frame is about to drop! We should have em’ in stock within a week. We’ll have a flipbook I.D. up later this week also. Any of you guys have any questions you want Enns to answer for his I.D. interview? Hit us up in the comments.



7 replies on “Ask Enns

  • agent420

    Enns … u been pro for a long time. Have you lost or struggle with any tricks and have you learned anything new recently?

  • Rick

    I remember when the first destroyer was released and how excited i was to get one…this version doesnt even resemble the initial frame. At least keep the curved toptube.

  • jorge rodriguez

    why have an anniversary frame that doesn’t even resemble the original? lol. imagine if a car company had an anniversary edition car that looked nothing like the original. epic fail.

    • Brian

      #1. Jason still rides/ progresses and needed a frame that he can actually ride and not put in his trophy case.
      #2. If you want the original, go on eBay and buy one.
      #3. Last I looked, car companies have redone their classics into retro/modern cars one after another.
      #4. Winning!


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