Alex Raban’s New Whip & Mini Update.

Alex Raban sent over some pictures of his new Volume kit and a little update from the road on the current ODI Mexico trip.

“We have not made it to Mexico yet, due to Larry losing his ID lol. So, we decided to take our trip up to the mountains instead. So far it’s been an awesome time and I’m really looking forward to the week ahead. We’re hopefully going to make it across the boarder this week if his ID comes in time…”

So, just to clarify, i guess this blog post also doubles as Alex’s unofficial welcome to Volume announcement…(did i just say that out loud?!?) Alex is my favorite rider, your favorite rider’s favorite rider, and probably the best all around guy you will ever meet…so needless to say, we are very proud to have him involved with Volume! We will post more regarding Alex very soon….but for now, check out some photos of his shiny new Mystery Machine after the jump.

Some fresh new Black Mamba forks supporting those swaggerful gold rims.

Chef Chachi saying hello from up high..



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