Alex Raban Filming Up-Late.

Here’s a hand-full of photos from our second weekend trip up to the central coast to film with Alex, that I was planning on dropping with along with the edit…better late than never right? If you haven’t seen the edit yet CHECK IT OUT RIGHT HERE. More photos, tricks you didn’t think Raban could do, and just general silliness after the jump…

Snapped this one when he was just feeling it out…the rail was honestly just a little bit more than a bike length so for him to make it to the ledge, then down to a bench after that is pretty wild.

Heavy 3 stair session with the crew at a university in Isla Vista. Bet you didn’t know Alex does dialed whips too. Sneaky sneaky.

Lunch in IV with the crew. Just look at that heterosexual mouth-can action…

**Spoiler alert** Raban actually gap to overcrooked this outrail…which is the only clip I didn’t end up using for his edit simply because i just didn’t have enough room. Hopefully you guys will see the clip somewhere else soon.

Alex with some unorthodox stretching methods while Devin Feil watches with the typical “question-Devin” face out in full force.



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