Alex Platt Down But Not Out

Alex Platt is no f-n joke, the dude goes all in whenever he rides.  For all those that have seen his DVD section in The Finer Things, you too will know.  He’s still recovering from his ender trick he did for his part but is still in high spirits while recovering. We sat down with him to see what happened and to see what he does on his off time while being injured.

Alex Platt Down but not out

The feeble over the L to drop fall which was used as your intro clip was arguably the craziest slam anyone took while filming for The Finer Things. What was going thru your head when you were trying that, and what went wrong?
I had been to the spot previously to scope things out, and take a run up to make sure it felt right. So on the day we went to film, a lot of things that take time to get ready besides the normal camera setup were already done. That way there’s less time for my mind to travel from feeling like I got this, to I don’t know. Which I’ve always felt is good in scarier situations. So the only thing I was concerned about was going too fast because the run-up was slightly downhill. When it all happened, I felt like I had good speed at first, till a split second later when I went to pop over, I just barely clipped my back tire, struggled for a second to hold on but my weight had shifted too forward already. I got lucky, could have been so much worse.

In general when you’re about to try something that you feel is very high risk, how do you go about turning off the fear and getting yourself to send it?
Depending on the spot practicing on a smaller setups helps, and prepping the spot just getting to know the terrain can help calm things. I try not to think about spots to much leading up to it. Sometimes finding a spot, and saving it to go back to, can end up being more stressful than finding a spot and just going for it.

[pullquote]I got lucky, could have been so much worse.[/pullquote]

What was going on in your brain when you were laying on the ground from the feeble fall?
Well damn, that just happened. Little confused about how the hell I managed to mess that up, I was so sure of it working out.

What were your injures from that fall?
Ended up being a broken left radius close to the elbow, and a shattered right knee cap.

In terms of those injuries, what’s the recovery process been like for you?
The broken arm wasn’t too big a deal really. I had broken it before, so I knew how to deal with it. They don’t cast your arm when it’s a clean break so close to the joint, because it would cause more ligament damage. So it was just annoying, would have been helpful when crutching around. In terms of my knee, it shattered like glass not just a couple pieces. They had to figure-eight wire wrap it with a pin, then splint it for 7 weeks before starting physical therapy. So it’s turned out to be one of the more challenging injuries I’ve dealt with.

[pullquote]Ended up being a broken left radius close to the elbow, and a shattered right knee cap.[/pullquote]

What do you do to keep yourself occupied when your hurt?
I’ve been going to physical therapy, playing basketball, working a bit, looking for spots, and making different kinds of coffee.

Where do you feel that your riding style comes from? Like who or what influenced you growing up to want to just do deadman shit all the time?
Besides riding with guys like Jeff Martin and Devin Feil. I guess from watching riders like, Van Homan, Brian Yeagle, Derrick Girard, Jimmy Levan, Mike Aitken, Sean Burns and etc. I also used to ski in the winter and a local ski resort had pretty much given friends and I control of the making the the snowboard park when we were younger. We used to build all sorts of random crazy stuff; huge tables, channel gaps, and big rails and etc. So coming from that in the winter, to riding in the summer most things that would catch my eye were on the bigger side at the time.

Despite the injury in the final hour, are you happy with how your DVD section came out?
Yeah I’m stoked I got a lot of the things done that I had wanted to do, which doesn’t always happen. Mastroni did an awesome job with the whole video!

Who’s section in the video are you the most hyped on?
Thats a hard but if I had to choose, Raban’s section was sick.  He did so much wild stuff!

When can we expect to see you on your bike again, and what do you have your sights on for the rest of the year?
Should be back to riding in about a month. Looking forward to the next Volume project, and riding a bunch of the spots I’ve found recently. Hopefully get some traveling done this year at some point too.

Alex Platt Down but not out: Gap to tire ride.  Photo courtesy of Devin Feil for DIG bmx

Alex Platt Down But Not Out: New whip




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