Akira Sakata’s Flourish BMX Shop

Our Japanese rider, Akira Sakata, has been staying very busy lately on and off the bike. When he’s not riding or filming, you can find Akira running his new BMX specific shop that he just opened in Sagamihara City, Flourish BMX Shop. It’s always great to see pro riders making an effort to give back to the BMX community. Akira sent over some photos and we were able to translate a couple questions about his shop. Check out the mini-interview after the jump and click the photo above to launch the gallery.

What made you decide to open Flourish BMX Shop?
I have had a dream to own a BMX shop for a long time.

Goals for the shop?
To increase the amount of BMX riders in Japan, more than ever.

The origin of shop’s name, Flourish BMX Shop?
I hope the Japanese BMX market thrives even more from my shop.

Flourish BMX Shop
1 – 5 – 12 Sagamihara
Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Pref



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