A Day With Jason Enns.

I spent today out in Corona with Enns to film for a video which I’m unofficially titling “5 Songs & 5 Animals Jason Enns.” Before we get to how Jason ended up on a horse holding a microphone, check out the rest of our day below.

We started off the day at City Park Skatepark in Corona filming some clips with Jason & Dave Dilleward, and hanging out with Brett Walker, Corey Bohan, Andrew Lazaruk and OSS’ chicken parm lover, Devin Feil. The park turned out to be pretty chill but completely over-run with scooter kids at the same time. Despite that, we got a few things filmed then headed to Jersey Mike’s for some late lunch.

Jason and Devin discussing the finer points of their favorite sports/teams, while Dave keeps his eye on Devin’s M&M cookie.

Jason making himself perfectly at home in front of the camera as he talks about his 5 favorite songs with a different one of his pets accompanying him for each shot. Meanwhile, I took photos of his dog Tigger, that ended up bearing a striking resemblance to Jason.

Jason Enns horse & mini horse check coming soon…



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