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Volume Bikes was started by Brian Castillo after he rode for S&M Bikes and Primo. During his early riding career, he worked at Primo in their R&D/Marketing dept. and helped re-brand their image/ products. Chances are that if you rode in that era, you rode a part or parts designed by him. Brian has always been an excellent rider who had a lot of input on the design and development of the BMX parts he was riding. Hence, Volume Bikes was born. Volume is a small rider owned company that produces high quality frames, forks, bars and bikes for the hardcore BMXer. Brian even has a little BMX racing roots in him and it comes through in the strength and lightness of his designs.

Soon after the success of Volume Bikes, Brian launched Demolition Parts, to make… well you guessed it, BMX parts! Demolition makes cranks, wheels, grips, stems, pedals… pretty much everything you need for your bike. Just like Volume, it’s all very high quality and designed to perform.

Above photo: Brian Castillo circa 1999. Icepick grind over doubles at his local jumping spot. This photo was used in the very first Volume Bikes advertisement that was used in RIDE BMX Magazine. Photo by: Mark Losey

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  • Joshua Michaud

    Who Is Genesis and where do I get replacement parts!? Just picked up a Hessian. Besides the fact that the 2.4 tires don’t fit no matter how you squeeze em (slightly frustrating) and that I cant find any “Genesis” replacement parts to save my life, This bike is the sickest 26″ BMX ever made!!!!! I’ve always loved Volume from my ’01 Destroyer when I was 19 to this new Hessian at 36. Brian, help me out!!! VOLUME BIKES BABY!!!!

  • Mark Cortez

    I’m buying a black sheep on offer up for $100
    Can someone fill me in on that bike model ? I assume it’s older 2006 around there?..

    • Volume Bikes

      All of our parts are made in Taiwan with high quality materials and at a low quantity to help insure the best quality control.


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