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#GoneFishingVLM Contest Winners.

Mastroni | 07.22.14

gone fishing winner- justin
Shout out to Justin Koebele (@jkoebele) for his winning entry along with runners up Jacob Hope (@bmxhope), Jon Tinsley (@jonsomeshit), and Mitch Doran (@mdoran817) for their entries. Justin will be receiving a fresh new Bermuda frame along with tees/stickers and the runners up will each get a shirt/sticker pack. There are about 10 others I’d love to include here but above all I’m hyped all you guys took the initiative to go film some clips & enter this contest. Keep on killing it guys!

GetCreativeVLM Top Picks

Brian | 02.17.14


Judging these contests are always hard, especially when you have over 700 entries that all are so damn good.  We locked down to our top 8 pics and vids to: @cainmartin179, @justinwallace92, @afrobab, @dillonwashere, @timothy, @danevr, @frangoesham & @cocainejunkyard. Our picks above were chosen due to their trick, making us all laugh or just how odd/ creative it was.  We’ll be announcing the winner out of these very soon, stay tuned…


Chachi Bar Contest Winners.

Mastroni | 07.15.13

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 12.15.29 PM
Well well, this contest has been quite interesting hasn’t it? Here’s @eyelurk’s drawing above and @johannny’s drawing below who will both receive a pair of golden Iron Chachi Bars. Raban has also informed us that he’s picking several other winners on his own who will receive a free copy of the Santa Barbarians DVD. He will announce those people in a bit here on his personal Instagram account. On behalf of Alex and everyone here at Volume, we’d like to thank all you for participating, and even if you aren’t one of the lucky winners, your drawings will forever live on in the Instagram world under the #chachibarcontest hash tag. Check out the other winner after the jump! more

Broc’s Top 3 From His Hop Contest

Brian | 12.15.12

Let me start off by saying how stoked @VolumeBikes@Odysseybmx, and I are on the turnout on the#brochopcontest! Everyone killed it and it was really hard to choose just a top ten. So after many hours of contemplation, here are the top three photos along with the riders Instagram names in no particular order: @ryanniranonta (Tree Hop) @rohndo (Gorilla Hop)  @dominant_engineering (Girl Hop). These dudes combined their high hops with fun and creativity, which earned them a place in the top three! All the entries are greatly appreciated. Thanks and keep shredding! Winner will be announced tomorrow morning. – @brocafloka