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Owen’s Welcome To Volume Edit

Brian | 01.28.16

Owen Dawson is a f-n grinding Canadian powerhouse. Ever since I first saw him ride, he’s done every grind I could have imagine. Owen also works his ass off for our Canadian distro, KillEmAll Distribution in Vancouver, Canada and makes sure every Volume product is packaged and looking good for all you guys up north.  Owen doesn’t let you down with his Welcome To Volume Edit, be sure to push that play button and get ready to be amazed!  Filmed and edited by Andrew Schubert

Re-Up: Alex Platt’s Welcome to Volume Edit

Kevin | 03.5.15

With “The Finer Things” finally out, it’s just reminded me of how awesome of a team we have here at Volume. It’s something that’s really easy to forget while being in the office day in/day out.  So, I was going back checking out our rider’s past edits and came across Alex Platt’s “Welcome to Volume” edit from close to 2 years ago. Alex Platt’s section in “The Finer Things” is easily one of my personal favorite parts. Every time he started pedaling, I couldnt help but edge closer in my seat wondering if he was going head-on into a wall or destroying a rail hop or gnarly grind. Definitely reminded me of the good ol’ Jimmy Levan days. Alex is a machine, and this welcome edit was a good foreshadow of what we were all in store for almost 2 years later. Check it out!

Spanish Rider, Vicente Candel’s Welcome Edit

Brian | 01.15.13

Spanish powerhouse and new Volume rider from Spain, Vicente Candel took a special week long trip with filmer/ rider, Javi Benito to the land of endless spots and hot women, which is none other than Barcelona. His speed and flow in this edit is endless, plus there’s some bangers that surprised us all. Thanks again to Javi for making the edit and Vicente for killing it as always. Get watchin’!
Filmed & Edited by Javi Benito

Mike Jonas Welcome Edit

Brian | 06.13.12

Filmed over the past few months in and around the San Fransisco Bay Area and Phoenix AZ, Mike Jonas takes it to the streets in search of fun and unique riding spots to film at. Jonas pushed his creative and burly riding style to new heights while filming for this edit, while having as much fun on his bike as possible. Enjoy.