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For A Rainy Day….

JCobbs | 03.15.12

Is it raining today where you live? It’s raining where I live! So what better way to help with the rainy day blues than with a sweet photo to look at? Today’s photo is brought to you by Volume Bikes Am, and everybody’s best friend, Mike Jonas! Click on it and save it as your new wallpaper!

Filming in Progress!

JCobbs | 03.5.12

Jonas has been on a tear lately filming for his upcoming Volume edit! I met up with him this weekend to shoot photos of the madness. Here’s a large colorful manual during the warm up session. Check out the full wallpaper after the jump. more

Photo Op Jason!

JCobbs | 03.2.12

Jason, Biz and myself caught a couple of quick sessions in Riverside a few weeks back, during which I snapped this icepick grind that Jason was sessioning. The crazy part about it was that the rail is something like 30 feet long and curved to the outside. For your viewing pleasure, Jason Enns, locked in with a loooonnggg icepick grind.

Your Saturday Morning Wallpaper!! Jason Enns Wallpaper!!

JCobbs | 02.18.12

What better way to start off the weekend but with a sick wallpaper for you and your desktop to enjoy!? Jason loves it out in the inland emprie, so much so that he made sure it shined as much as possible in this photo. So here’s Jason, sharing the spotlight, and his wallpaper, with Mt. Baldy!

From Yours Truly…

JCobbs | 01.20.12

I feel a little weird about posting a photo of myself on the blog but I’ve done weirder, so why not… right?  I’ve been shooting out in San Francisco every day this week for an article in Dig #87. Although it’s a little hard to see here, I think this is one of the coolest spots SF has to offer.  I’m stoked my friend Cubby was able to snap this photo for me. Thanks dude!

Welcome to the team Mike Jonas!

JCobbs | 01.13.12

Ever since I first met Mike Jonas it’s been non-stop laughs and good times. Whether it’s on bikes, traveling, or just daring each other to do something that the other wouldn’t, it’s hard to not have fun when Jonas is around. Oh yeah, and when it comes to riding, you will never see the same mix of technical riding and flat-out burliness that Jonas has molded together to make his own. If you haven’t seen him ride then you need to, because I guarantee you’ll be talking to your friends about it afterwards. It is because of all of this that I am super excited and proud to welcome Mike Jonas to the Volume Bikes Family!! Click the pic to get the wallpaper version.