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Vital’s Game Of Bike

Brian | 10.1.14

This years Vital’s Game Of Bike has a few of our riders in it and can’t wait to see how it all goes down.  This year it’s actually at a street plaza (Hollenbeck Plaza in Los Angeles) and with ‘real’ street riders.  Our dudes, DeMarcus Paul, Josh Clemens and Broc Raiford will all be in it.  The contest goes down this Saturday and will be live on Vital’s website.

“This Saturday, October 4th we’re taking over Hollenbeck Skatepark in Los Angeles and bringing sixteen of the best riders together to compete. This weekend’s street event marks the first time we’ve split Game of BIKE into separate street and ramp editions. We’re expecting the riding to be insane since riders will have to dig deeper to competing against riders of the same discipline.  Join us and take in the good times and amazing riding. The event starts at noon and we expect it to continue until 5:00 pm.” – Vital BMX

Hollenbeck Skatepark
415 S. St Louis St, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Colorado Springs Skatepark Session.

Mastroni | 06.27.14

Volume at Colorado Springs Memorial Park – More BMX Videos

Stoked this is out! During our recent Colorado trip we were able to get a little late afternoon session in at the Memorial Skatepark after our shop stop @ Pedal Action BMX. I wasn’t riding so I decided to give hard working Vital man Krejmas a break, handle the filming, then he took care of the editing later on. Here’s the result featuring Broc, DeMarcus, Drew, Jason, Josh, Bahlman, Platt and Krejmas himself. Check it!

The Volume DVD “The Finer Things” First Look.

Mastroni | 05.5.14

Behind The Scenes of Volume’s “The Finer Things” – More BMX Videos

Well the word is out!! We’ve been steady working on this DVD for the past couple years and we’re really excited to finally announce the project. Here’s an awesome behind the scenes piece and first look at what you can expect from our new DVD “The Finer Things” dropping this fall. Here Myself, Bahlman, Broc, DeMarcus and Krejmas (who also put this piece together) talk about filming for the video, just how dope our team is, who will have full sections, why we chose DVD over web, good times in the van & more! Shouts to Vital for hooking it up with this. Couldn’t be more excited that this is finally coming together! You can expect a trailer within the next few weeks and follow along with us on the daily at #WatchTheFinerThings on Instagram.

DeMarcus’ Vital Q&A

Brian | 04.16.14

DeMarcus' Bike

DeMarcus has up a quick 7 Q&A up at Vital about his sponsor switch-up to Volume and more. Click here to check it out >>
“Just from the short period that I’ve been around the Volume crew, I can already feel the family vibe. It was the same as with Freed Bikes. When it comes to the riding aspect of things, I do feel that what Volume offers is a better “pro deal” that works better for me.” – DeMarcus

Vicente Candel in California

Brian | 01.14.14

Vital just dropped a little video of the Spaniard, Vicente Candel, from the 3 months he spent in California last year. Vicente definitely made the most of his time in the states and he always had the best stories every time he visited the office. Stories of sleeping in rental cars, riding, partying, and of course… Four Loko. We miss ya buddy!