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Billy’s Manhattan Cruise

Brian | 01.20.16

With Billy’s YouTube channel getting so much love these days and with his last NYC 3 ride reaching over 1 million views, he’s embraced rides through the city while filming it all.  Billy and crew recently hit up Manhattan for a day of riding through the streets and hit some spots along the way in his latest edit.

Riding outside in January is not usually an option, but it was 50 degrees without any snow on the ground so we crewed up and hit up Manhattan / Brooklyn for the day. Featuring BMX riders / FTL crew members Austin Mazur, Billy Perry, Dan Nelson, and Justin Koebele.
We took a train into Penn Station early and ended up riding some great spots in Midtown/Downtown, making a quarter pipe under a bridge, riding over the Brooklyn Bridge and riding a lit night spot. Filmed on GoPro with Zhiyun Tech Rider-M Gimbal.

Matt Ray Summer Clips

Brian | 12.29.11

The homie Matt Ray had some old clips from this past summer and decided to throw them up on the good ol’ internet. Typically we have seen a lot of skatepark footage from Matt but here we see he can do more than just shred the tranny.