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Owen Dawson’s Dig “Youth Of Today” Video.

Mastroni | 02.4.16

This is awesome! Our Canadian rail killer Owen Dawson follows up his Welcome To Volume Edit with an awesome Youth Of Today piece for Dig. From over-cranks down Hollywood High to long ass crooks and gnarly gap to rails, no good setup is safe! If you’re interested in reading more about Owen, check his recent Dig Interview while you’re at it. Filmed & edited by Chris Brocamonte.

Daily Cruise With Billy Perry and Friends

Brian | 02.2.16

Another good NYC ride with Billy Perry and friends all around the city. He bumps into some security guards and people but still comes through with a slew of good footage.

“The first part of this video was filmed on New Years so Anthony Panza and myself decided to try and ride high security spots in Midtown, NYC with hopes that there wouldn’t be much security. We got lucky at some spots and other spots we dealt with the usual security and concerned citizens. The second part of the video was filmed a day before a huge blizzard was supposed to hit. It was around 20 degrees but we got in some last minute street riding before the snow came.
Filmed mostly on a GoPro 3+ with a Zhiyun Tech Rider-M gimbal.”

The Ridge Attardo 2016 Video

Brian | 01.27.16

One of the best parts of the job is seeing/finding new talent out there and being their first hookup. Ridge came to us from hype man, Broc Raiford talking up Ridge to us for awhile since he’s from Broc’s hometown of New Orleans and shreds everywhere he goes. Think the video is proof of that!  Be on the lookout for much more of our man Ridge in the near future. Video by Christian Mauldin

Broc is Bananas

Brian | 01.8.16

Everyone that’s seen Broc’s part in the Finer Things knows that his WHOLE PART is a chalk full of insanity.  RIDEbmx just gave Broc the nod for his pegs hard 540 for ‘Top Tricks Of 2015.’ Check out his part again and again to see how insane it really is.

“BROC RAIFORD – PEGS HARD 540: With pegs hard 360’s becoming more and more of a norm these days, BMX has eagerly been awaiting the advent of the pegs hard 540, and this year Broc Raiford delivered it to us in his Volume “The Finer Things” section. Using the street box jump aka an up-rail, Broc crushed one hell of an NBD. But the only question on my mind now is, who’s going to toss the first hard 540 bar? 6:40” – RIDEbmx

Billy Goes To Washington D.C.

Brian | 12.23.15

Hot damn, Billy Perry has been on fire lately!  He’s dropped a number of things this week already, and just dropped another video that he’s in with the FTL crew in Washington D.C. Billy has a slew of good lines in here that are straight fire, don’t sleep on this one.
“Over the summer we decided to gather the crew and road trip down to Washington, D.C. for 3 days in search of good spots and good times and we were definitely not disappointed. Featuring BMX riders, Austin Mazur, Billy Perry, Jason Stelter, Justin Koebele, and Zach Marin. Filmed and edited by Nick Jones! Thank you to Zach Marin for being an awesome host and spot tour guide. Check the full photo gallery shot by Zach on the site HERE

Drew Hosselton Ride Pro Part.

Mastroni | 11.27.15

This is so awesome, please watch now!
“Street riding means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some riders can relate more to pulling a new move on a status spot or laying claim to an NBD. Then there’s the school of riders who are more conceptual with their riding. Where the setup and how it’s ridden takes precedence over the actual trick that was performed. Drew Hosselton is an alumnus from the school of conceptual street riding. For Drew, stock ledges and perfect rails need not apply—his canvas is the abstract and weird. Some of the things he rides really aren’t even spots at all and the trick is just figuring out how to ride them. When we first discussed the Pro Part videos Drew was my first choice for someone I’d like to work with. I’ve always been a huge fan of his riding and after years of shooting photos together I was excited to spearhead a video project with him.” —Jeff Z.

Broc Raiford 2015 Signature Series Part!

Mastroni | 11.4.15

Broc Raiford follows up his mind blowing part in The Finer Things earlier this year with a brand new collection of fresh footy for you to cap off 2015. Enjoy!

Click for more information on Broc’s Signature products: VESSEL FRAME | ANCHOR FORK | CAPTAIN BAR | NAUTICAL SEAT

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni
Additional Filming by Josh Clemens, Justin Koebele & Demarcus Paul
Music: Johnny Cash – “Rusty Cage”
*Those that can’t see it due to song rights on YouTube, please check it out here>>