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Utah With Tate Part 1.

Mastroni | 09.19.14

I am now relaxing out East in my hometown of Kent, Connecticut after spending an awesome week in my other home away from home (Salt Lake City) with creative genius Mr. Roskelley and of course our good friend Elf. We studied some new spots, got creative, got some clips, drank some beers…you know, like what you do on a trip. CLICK TO EXPAND GALLERY. Shoutout to Riley Smith for the photos.

Salt Lake City UpTate.

Mastroni | 07.8.14

I’ve been out in Utah’s finest city with creative genius Tate Roskelley for the past few days sweating our asses off & chipping away at his upcoming section in The Finer Things. I’m always amazed at the concepts Tate comes up with and this trip so far has certainly had me on my toes (literally running away from flying bikes and debris) trying to find the best angles for his madness. Here we are scoping another one. Shout out to Matt Windsor for the photo.

DeMarcus Update

Brian | 05.10.14


Couple weeks back Mastroni and DeMarcus went up to Utah to visit Tate and to film for the new Volume DVD, The Finer Things.  While on their third day of filming, DeMarcus hung up on a icepick down a rail to his face and fractured his jaw and chin.  We were all floored by the news and didn’t know what had really happened at the time.  The majority of the Volume team was on a group chat worried about him, since none of us knew the severity of the crash.  Turned out that DeMarcus was okay considering, and learned that he’s one tough dude.  Now that he’s doing a bit better, we figured we’d ask him how he’s doing and give you guys a little perspective on what he’s been going through.    more

Broc’s ART Webzine #6 Ad

Brian | 03.17.14


New Vessel frame ad for ART BMX Webzine/ EZCO Distribution of Broc getting a solid ice down a steep 13 stair from our last Utah trip that Devin Feil shot.  Funny, we made this ad on a Thursday for ART’s ad deadline and saw it on TCU on Friday.  The power of the internet and the fast paced guys at ART making downtime a thing of the past.  Click image to view the whole ad.

Utah Bound

Brian | 05.6.13


Mastroni and team just went up to visit Tate and get some more DVD footage while in Utah yesterday and left us office monkeys here to defend ourselves while we throw poop at each other.  Be sure to check out their trip on our @VolumeBikes Instagram.

Baby Tate

Brian | 03.16.13


Tate has always been doing his own thing ever since I’ve first heard about him.  That’s really what drawn me to him, he just did his own thing and clearly didn’t give a shit what others thought.  I saw the other day that Bryce Packham was putting up some of his older shots on his Facebook and had to hit him up for some of the older/ more classic shots of Tate.  Don’t really know the exact year on these but it’s gotta be around 2009-2010.  Thanks again to Bryce for hooking up these classic pics.  Be sure to check out more of his pics at Smile Lake City.  Click more to see one more sick water shot.  more

Utah & Idaho Trip Day 2: Pocatello, Idaho

Mastroni | 09.9.12

Have you ever heard of Pocatello? Yeah, me neither….but for some reason we thought it would be a great idea to make the trek a couple hours north to check out what this little town with a funny name had to offer. The above rock spot you may recognize from Tate’s first Volume Edit at about :40 seconds where he does the can can footplant. Check out more of our Pocatello party after the jump..

Utah & Idaho Trip Day 1.

Mastroni | 09.7.12

Fresh off the Tea & Biscuits UK Tour (and still feeling the jet lag) I decided to head out to Salt Lake City to do some filming with Tate for his upcoming Drifter V2 Promo. I brought along Biz Jordan, Devin Feil, and flew in fellow Volume rider Broc Raiford to join in on the fun for the first leg of his west coast travels. Check out our day of shredding playgrounds and hanging out with Utah’s finest after the jump…

Chasing Eyes with Tate

Brian | 08.23.12

Albion (Steve Bancroft) just put up some extra pics from his UT scene report when he last went over to cover those dudes.  If you haven’t seen the issue with the article, check it out.  There’s some really cool stuff in there.  The one that stands out in my mind is the wild one with Tate’s front wheel off his bike while grinding his fork.  I can’t even explain it, you just have to see it for yourself.