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Cordova Gallery

Brian | 05.23.14

I’ve been getting up pics here and there from this day (pics above) at the FOD trails and the bowl with Matt Cordova but just realized I’m sitting on too many amazing shots, and that I should put them all up at once before they get any older than they already are.  If you haven’t noticed, Matt is a photographers dream.  He does things so dialed, smooth and stylish that you just can’t miss getting the shots.  That and he doesn’t mind doing anything again.  Click the top image to view em’ all.

Matt Cordova Update.

Mastroni | 06.17.12

Just got this update in from Matt regarding how he’s spending his summer out east:

“I’ve been out in West Virginia for the past month and a half building Bmx tracks and dirt jumps for the Boy Scouts of America. So far we’ve built 4 tracks this first trip. We just finished the last track and now we get a 2 week break. I’m heading to Colorado to visit my parents for a week. Then back to California for the remainder of our break until we come back out to WV to build 12 more tracks.” -MC

Pretty cool that Matt has got himself involved in something like that, rad stuff. Check out another snap below..

Cordova Gets Twisted

Brian | 04.30.12

I’m blown away anytime I see anything of Matt, he has one of the best styles I’ve seen in a very long time and he blasts the hell out of everything.  The pic above is of Matt doing a twisted up nac-nac… his bike is almost 180’d!  Photo by: Kalin Law

History: Mike Szczesny

Brian | 01.5.12

Coming from the era of when PA trail riding was the biggest thing, Mike Szczesny’s name was one to watch out for.  Mike rode everything but his super smooth style caught a lot of eyes.  Especially after his Wide Awake Nightmare part came out, where he showed that he can ride everything.  Living with Doyle and Bennett at the time didn’t hurt either, they were definitely big influences on his riding.  Mike rode for Volume throughout 2004-2007.  He now resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and 2 girls.  He can still be seen around town shredding the gnar.  Definitely a huge part of Volume Bikes history.  His humor and riding will never be forgotten here at Volume.  Pic: Table in Portland, OR. 2005