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Alex Raban OSS Welcome Edit Throwback.

Mastroni | 01.16.13

Alex has been so insanely good for so long. Adam has been re-upping tons of old edits from Vimeo on YouTube and this one is in the mix today. I filmed this with Alex in exactly one week in Austin, Texas almost two years ago now. . Give Alex a follow on instagram while you’re at it, @rabanimal.

The Definition Of Street: Throwback Thursdays With Tate.

Mastroni | 11.29.12

So I found myself up at like 6 am this morning and couldn’t really get back to sleep, so I decided to flip thru some old magazines and stumbled upon these photos of Tate in an interview with Ride UK in one of last years issues. The above photo of the rollercoaster pedal grind thru the Home Depot trolley with shopping cart launch is one of my favorite things that Tate has ever concocted. You know someone has an extremely creative mind when they can look at two objects (of group of objects) meant entirely for another purpose, and see a spot to create and do a trick on.

I often hear people say things like “set-ups aren’t street maaannnn…” which I think is very silly considering 100% of what defines street riding is simply seeing your everyday surroundings that were not meant for a bicycle to ride, and putting them to good use however which way you choose. The fact that Tate can see more in his surroundings than just rails, ledges, and ‘play it as it lies’ type things, simply means he’s just better at looking for spots than you, and in turn can put his findings to more interesting uses…all while still only using his surroundings, essentially. This is why Tate is the definition of street riding….or a mad scientist…take your pick.

Check out anther mag photo after the jump of a pedal grind thru a tight squeeze and some illegible text.


Jason Enns Throwback: Criminal Mischief

Brian | 07.23.11

This is one of my all time favorite video sections of all time! When I was younger I would watch this over and over before I went riding all the time. Actually after just watching this video I’m getting away from the computer and going for a ride!

Matty & Mastroni Throwback Video

Brian | 12.23.10

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. Matty Long and Mike Mastroni have been good friends for awhile. Matty has been with the team for just over a year and Mike recently joined the team. Here’s a split edit that they put together 2 years ago. It has a lot of really really good clips including, Matty’s infamous Luc-E hard 180.