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Tate’s TFT Part / New Volume Vimeo Account.

Mastroni | 01.21.16

Volume BMX: Tate Roskelley – The Finer Things Part from Volume Bikes on Vimeo.

YouTube music restrictions are getting insane, really insane…so much so that Tate’s The Finer Things Part is blocked in almost every country. That certainly stinks, so we’ve decided to upload the entire DVD to OUR NEW VIMEO ACCOUNT, as well as all the latest & greatest Volume Bikes video content from the past couple years. If you’ve got some friends out there fiending to watch Tate’s part & wondering where it went, be sure to share this crucial bit of information with them. Thanks guys, Enjoy!

Broc is Bananas

Brian | 01.8.16

Everyone that’s seen Broc’s part in the Finer Things knows that his WHOLE PART is a chalk full of insanity.  RIDEbmx just gave Broc the nod for his pegs hard 540 for ‘Top Tricks Of 2015.’ Check out his part again and again to see how insane it really is.

“BROC RAIFORD – PEGS HARD 540: With pegs hard 360’s becoming more and more of a norm these days, BMX has eagerly been awaiting the advent of the pegs hard 540, and this year Broc Raiford delivered it to us in his Volume “The Finer Things” section. Using the street box jump aka an up-rail, Broc crushed one hell of an NBD. But the only question on my mind now is, who’s going to toss the first hard 540 bar? 6:40” – RIDEbmx

The Finer Things Is Now Complete

Brian | 10.12.15

Each section to our ‘The Finer Things’ video is now officially online for your viewing pleasure. I can’t be any more proud of each of the guys in the video that busted their asses to make the video what it is, as well as Mike’s hard work on making his vision a reality. Give the complete video one (or 2) more watch above.  Thanks again for all the love you guys gave the DVD too, we always appreciated the kind words on social media and etc.  That’s what makes it worth while.  The guys are already hard at work on their next project that should be dropping very soon.  Stay tuned…

The Finer Things: Outtro & Credits.

Mastroni | 10.5.15

As we come to a close with releasing The Finer Things online, we leave you with the Outtro & Credits section featuring just a little glimpse of the great times that were had making this video. If you’ve always wondered what that song was in your favorite section, or are interested in some fun behind the scenes footy of life on the road, give this a watch. You can also now view the whole video from start to finish right here. Thanks for watching guys, and stay tuned for our next big video project dropping within the next couple months..

The Finer Things: DeMarcus Paul

Mastroni | 09.29.15

Today we proudly present the last (or in fact the first) rider section in our The Finer Things DVD online release, DeMarcus Paul. Never having a traditional welcome video, DeMarcus’ DVD section served as his official footy debut as a member of the Volume family. His incredibly gnarly trick selection combined with powerful smoothness & technical precision is sure to bang you over the head. Enjoy!

The Finer Things: Jason Enns.

Mastroni | 09.24.15

Today we are very proud to present our veteran Volume OG Jason Enns’ section in The Finer Things. With a trifecta of his immense Southern California spot knowledge, a drive for exploration and discovery, and a mature & calculated approach to bike riding, how could one not put together an incredible video section? This is creative spot oriented California street riding at it’s finest. Enjoy!

The Finer Things: Alex Raban

Mastroni | 09.21.15

As is the case when any TFT sections drop online, today is a very exciting day in the life of Volume. We’ve previously done a DIG 48 hour only release with Raban’s section, but now it’s here on the web for you to enjoy forever. Ever since I met Alex he’s been nothing but smiles, so hopefully today he brings a smile to your face as well with some of the most progressive street riding & grind combos known to man. To us, his section embodies exactly what street riding is all about…enjoy!

The Finer Things: Zach Krejmas

Mastroni | 09.14.15

Today we proudly present Zach Krejmas’ part in The Finer Things DVD to the internet. During filming this part, Krejmas held down full time positions as Vital videographer to now full time RideBMX videographer. Ever the hard worker, Zach still managed to come on a few trips and stack the weekend clips little by little in order to come thru will a full section for the DVD. I’ve always been such a huge fan of Zach’s riding from his early days in Long Beach all the way till the present. The one thing that’s always fascinated me about Zach is his timeless ability to see all the potential the world in little everyday humps and bumps around town, which most people in Southern California wouldn’t even consider to be spots. A “setup rider” if you will, Zach is true testament to how limitless street riding really is, and how much of a picture you can really paint by just taking a deeper look at your surroundings. In short, Krejmas’ world begins at your doorstep. Enjoy!

The Finer Things: Josh Clemens & Eric Bahlman.

Mastroni | 09.10.15

Today we’re very proud to drop Josh & Eric’s split section from The Finer Things DVD. With riding styles that couldn’t really differ more from eachother (left foot forward/cassette, right foot forward/freecoaster wizard) we found it fitting for Josh & Eric to share a lengthy splitter to mix the video up a little bit. From Josh’s style and bike control to Eric’s back wheel ballerina wizardry, we know you’ll be impressed. This is also one of my personal favorite sections in the video and probably my favorite song as well. Enjoy!

The Finer Things: Daniel Martinez

Mastroni | 09.4.15

Today we’re very proud to present one of LA’s finest, and perhaps the smoothest street rider on the face of the earth, Daniel Martinez. D’s section is the perfect combination of big & scary, with a smooth & steezy execution every time making it look so damn good. Watch this now and pick yourself up a copy of The Finer Things HERE.

The Finer Things: Mix Section

Mastroni | 08.28.15

Today we’re hyped to bring you the Mix Section from The Finer Things DVD which features the newest Brian Castillo footage known to man, our team riders Billy Perry & Cody Clark, and a slew of our friends & BMX media personell including but not limited to Elf, Jeff Z, Rob Dolecki, Jake Seeley, Biz, Rob Wise & many more. Enjoy!