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Ride’s “Defining The Finer Things” Article Online.

Mastroni | 01.26.15

Originally featured in the November 2014 issue, the fine folks at Ride have decided to put the entire article on the web for you to check out…what a buncha nice guys. The article features photos of pretty much everyone who has a section in the video and I wrote a little about what it’s like filming with each person. I also discuss the process behind making the video and what it all means to me.

Zach Krejmas In The Finer Things Poster

Brian | 01.23.15

First in our series of dissecting our The Finer Things poster (on sale for 1 penny on our shop)  photo is none other than the renaissance man, Zach Krejmas.  We’ve been sitting on this rad dinosaur downside whip of Zach from our last big Colorado trip for a bit and stoked it finally got used for the poster.  Click photo to go big!  Photo by J.Cobbs

The Finer Things Pivotal

Brian | 01.22.15

Stoked to announce that we just got in our shipment of The Finer Things Pivotal seats! We’ve been pushing our DVD like crazy lately and can’t believe it’s finally coming to an end. The Pivotal and Tripod (due out next month) limited edition Finer Things seats are just the start of things to look look out for. Hit up your local Volume dealer to snatch one of these up while supplies last.

Drew’s “Defining Things” Video.

Mastroni | 01.17.15

In this “Defining Things” video, Drew Hoss talks all about his time spent filming for his DVD section, his take on riding, & much more accompanied with some falls, almosts, b roll, and extra clips from our time filming together. This is just about as up close and personal as you’re going to get until the video drops so check it out and get hyped for Drew’s part! Video by Zach Krejmas via RideBMX.

Broc’s “Defining Things” RideBMX Video.

Mastroni | 12.31.14

As the DVD comes closer and closer to completion I’m really hyped Ride‘s little series of videos Krejmas is doing with us are starting to drop. In this “Defining Things” video, Broc talks all about filming for his section & his struggles to make it the best it could be, accompanied with some falls, almosts, and b roll from our days out filming. This is just about as up close and personal as you’re going to get until the video drops so check it out and get stoked for Broc’s part! Also, here’s Tate’s from last week in case you missed it.

The Finer Things: “Defining Things” with Tate Roskelley.

Mastroni | 12.23.14

For everyone out there who’s excited for our upcoming DVD The Finer Things, this is just about as up close and personal you’re going to get until it drops. In this behind the scenes look at the filming process you’ll get quick glimpse of what Tate’s section will be like, as well as hear how he approaches filming for the project. Stay tuned for more of these in the coming weeks! Video by Zach Krejmas. RideBMX.

The Finer Things: A Finer Sunday With Krejmas & Broc.

Mastroni | 12.22.14

On a mission for Krejmas and Broc enders we set off into the deepest depths of industrial Los Angeles as well as another undisclosed location to try to achieve said clips. The first spot ended up being a lovely police experience thanks to the random hero who thought we were loading stolen bikes into our van, and called. We got the ol’ wink wink nudge nudge from one of the nicer cops to drive around the block and return after his parter left…we took the bait. After getting really close to pulling it unfortunately Krejmas rolled his ankle pretty bad and we were forced to abort mission. Broc’s thing on the other hand went great…not to say is wasn’t a struggle for him, but still great. I’m really hyped on that clip especially because it has all the appropriate ender elements: great setup, great spot use/trick selection, flawless execution. Check out some photos from the day. CLICK TO EXPAND GALLERY.

The Finer Things: Weekend Update.

Mastroni | 12.15.14

This past weekend was technically supposed to be the last official filming time for the DVD, and we certainly did our best to spend it wisely with a San Diego day trip on Saturday and some LA status spot hammers for Sunday. There are still some specific loose ends to tie up with certain dudes, but this will definitely be the last crew weekend for a long time as I retire to the editing cave in the coming weeks. Here’s a bunch of photos of Broc, DeMarcus, Raban, Krejmas, D, Josh, Jeff Z, and Myself in what should be our final hours…CLICK TO EXPAND GALLERY.

The Finer Things: Escape To AZ Day 1.

Mastroni | 12.4.14

For as long as California has been located next to Arizona and people have been using bicycles to do tricks on street obstacles, AZ has been the ideal destination for great spots, footage gathering, and good times. I decided to make a little last minute trip out here to film a bit more with ‘The Wonder Twins’ Cody & Dawson Clark as well as Drew and Bahlman. Broc and Demarcus also hopped in the van and here we are trying to wrap up some loose ends out here in the desert. Here’s some photos from yesterday, the above by Devin Feil.

Tunnel Tuesdays With Jason Enns.

Mastroni | 12.2.14

Well actually Saturday, but today is Tuesday so yeah…you get it. Anyway, over the weekend Jason and I ventured off into the California wilderness in search of some tubular clips for his upcoming DVD section, and said clips we did achieve! In fact, they are some of the coolest clips I’ve ever filmed hands down…very hyped! Without giving too much away, here’s a few iPhone snaps from our journey and a random one of my bike on the beach for good B&W measure. In other news Demarcus, Broc, and I are trekking out to Arizona for a few days to meet up with Drew Hoss and Cody Clark & get away from all this rain, so stay tuned for some more updates from our travels over the next few days.