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Instagram Slam 15 Featuring Jason Enns.

Mastroni | 10.25.13

Enns and Volume OG’s Biz and Rooftop demonstrate an interesting bag of tricks for you guys per your request. There’s a lot to be learned from this about the rider’s real personalities too…namely that Rooftop talks a big game but carries a little stick, Enns loves coffee and has the ability to talk his way out of most dangerous situations, and lastly & most importantly that Biz simply can’t read. The Come Up.

That’s That S*%T I Don’t Like Pt 2.

Mastroni | 10.2.13

The Come Up has been doing these funny videos of all the tricks various pros and industry types don’t care for, and this episode happends to feature our very own inebriated Jason Enns at Interbike. The funny part about this is that I know Enns hates nose bars (because these days it’s almost a requirement) and very much prefers the classic nose manual. Check out part one here. While we’re at at I’m gonna go ahead and add U-turn Lines, flairs on street, and bitch cranks to this list.

Adam 22 Rides With Castillo & Gets A New Cerberus Frame.

Mastroni | 09.8.13

A couple weeks ago Adam and I rolled by the office to pick up a new Jason Enns Cerberus Frame and shoot the shit with resident comedian Brian Castillo. In case you don’t know much about Brian, he’s definitely a little skeptical of jusssstt about everything…especially being filmed or having a camera shoved in his face. I’ve also been bugging him to film a clip or two out back for like two years now and he finally did it…so enjoy this rare bit of Castillo footage! This clash of personalities, along with some key Seinfeld references are sure to make you laugh.

Billy Perry TCU Video.

Mastroni | 09.3.13

Billy The Kid went hard during his visit out here and cooked this up with Francis Castro. Uprail to switch bar t-bog was my fav….Good work Billy! In case you missed it yesterday, check out another edit of Billy and our newest little shithead Matt Clark here.

Alex Raban Making A Pizza.

Mastroni | 04.26.13

As many of you already know, Alex Raban has been employed at his father’s pizza shop for more than 10 years, and is as professional as they come when it comes to making a pie. In this episode of The Come Up‘s Behind The Scenes, Alex walks you thru making a cheese pizza at lightening speed. For you younger viewers out there, Volume Bikes owner Brian Castillo also used to work at a pizza shop, but that all ended when one of his piers threw a milkshake in his face.

Alex Raban TCU Pizza Q&A Video.

Mastroni | 04.16.13

While up north a couple weekends ago, Adam Grandmaison at The Come Up was along for the ride with his shiny new DSLR and he decided to interview our very own pizza professional Alex Raban about his role in the California pizza industry, and compare various BMX riders to different types of pizza including Brian Castillo. If you like these, check out another one with Platt and Myself about our dog Gucci right here.

TCU Presents: The Young And Retarded Trailer.

Mastroni | 03.12.13

Broc is now a part of the prestigious Come Up crew who recently took a trip out to Arizona with filmer Tony Malouf to make the first of many ‘Young And Retarded’ edits. Unfortunately Broc, who is 100% the brightest bulb in the box out of all these young retards, broke his wrist a few days into this trip and is still healing up….but don’t worry he still has a significant amount of clips in the edit. Keep an eye out for this dropping soon!

TCU Photo Gallery By Devin Feil Featuring Raban & Platt.

Mastroni | 01.24.13

The two Alex’s both have two photos each in this gallery by Devin Feil over on The Come Up. Ever the professional character, instead of just writing generic descriptions about his photos, Devin really went out of his way to highlight the last year or so of each featured riders ‘career’ for lack of better words. Great place to check out some dope photos and refresh yourself on all of Raban & Platt’s recent accomplishments. Check that out riiiiight hurrr.

Lil D TCU Edit.

Mastroni | 01.23.13

Lil D and filmer John Hicks really went in for this edit. Featuring lots of LA schoolyards and ballsy one hitters alike, and of course D’s seemingly flawless clean riding style throughout. It seems like every time I see D ride he’s just that much more dialed and aesthetically pleasing on his bike. Personal favorite clip in here was the un-luce to manual 180…or perhaps the little kid and his parents looking on as D shoots the bars thru that water fountain haha. Shoutout to The Come Up.

TCU TV: Volume @ Interbike.

Mastroni | 11.3.12

Here’s a short but humerus interview Broc, Jason, and Matt Lee did with Adolf22 at Interbike. Topics discussed include the upcoming Bermuda frame, why Castillo isn’t there (cough cough), the fact that Jason has been voting for Andrew Ferris for flatlander of the year for the past 10 years, Broc’s Instagram followers, Broc’s new signature Bourbon Street bars, and what it’s like having yours truly as a a TM who was not at interbike (betweeen moving into my new place and a Demolition trip I simply coudn’t be there…next year guys!) Anyway check it out…