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Volume In Texas: Day 6.

Mastroni | 04.24.13


For days 6 – 8 of our Texas trip, we decided to ditch Joey and head up north to Austin and meet up with resident photographer, TCU blogger, and Cici’s pizza enthusiast Gutstains. Here’s Drew laying one flat in the first little DIY alley spot behind a bar…. more

Volume In Texas: Days 3 & 4

Mastroni | 04.17.13


Still nothing but good times here in good ol’ Texas! Here’s yesterday morning’s riding scene at the first spot with Drew Hoss getting it in. Drew may or may not be running a freecoaster now, and lets just say that he could very well be on his way to becoming a four pegged afro version of Ian Scwartz. He’s already got the farming thing down too… more

Ground Recon – Richardson Bike Mart

Kevin | 01.14.13

Working with Local Bike Shops day in and day out, we get to know lots of people from around the country who support us and their local BMX scene. It’s always awesome to build friendships and expand our world with people we never would have gotten to know just from pedaling down the street, but to be brought together under a common thread of BMX even though there could be a thousand mile gap. So, in an effort to share those people with you and get the word out about what they’re doing locally for BMX we have this thing called Ground Recon we’ve done in the past. On deck for this round, we get to know our man Quentin (on the right) from Richardson Bike Mart in Texas. Hit the jump to get to know more about his scene and follow him on twitter (@qtbmx)…. more

TCU Texas Toast Edit.

Mastroni | 10.16.12

Ever the quick content producer, my good friend Charlie Crumlish managed to put this edit together in no time from Texas Toast this past weekend. Broc gets a few seconds of shine in here with some nose manual to gap to nose manual stuntin’. I’m sure this isn’t the last edit we will see from Toast…but it’s certainly a little taste of how crazy it was.

Lucas Dartford Update.

Mastroni | 08.17.12

My good friend and photographer Levi Brewer sent thru some photos he got with our grassroots rider Lucas Dartford, down in good ol’ Austin, Texas. Check out more photos after the jump..

“Hey guys,
Lately I’ve just been kickin’ back and trying to survive that Texas heat. I swim all day and ride all night. I’ve been filming here and there…cookin’ something up right now and should be out in a couple of weeks.”