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Tate Avoids Getting Decapitated

Brian | 10.16.14

Tate superbike slide

As most photographers/ videographers out there, I always get excited to shoot photos with Tate, hands down one of my top 5 guys to shoot with.  While his riding style gets a lot of mixed reactions, you can’t deny that it’s refreshing, and the photos are always interesting to say the least.  When I first found this abandoned auto garage, I immediately thought of Tate and to have him do one of his superbike slides on the slick floor.  Needless to say he slid it so far that he thought it would be cool to shut the door so that he barely gets out.  Love when a plan comes together!  Click photo to go big

Tate’s Killjoy Part.

Mastroni | 05.21.14

TATE ROSKELLEY – KILLJOY from Jordan Utley on Vimeo.

With Tate’s OSS Video well on it’s way to another million views, this certainly seems like an appropriate time for his Killjoy section to come out online. This part is definitely one of Tate’s finest! It’s always funny to me when riders nerd out on “firsts” when you have people like Tate re-inventing the BMX wheel daily on a level all his own. Just go to show you kids, you should never ever do anything different than what everyone else is doing…. Watch ten times and go find a new way to use your bike/mind.

Tate & Elf Hard At Work.

Mastroni | 01.29.14

Word is Tate is very close to wrapping up what I personally feel is going to be his most interesting video to ever be seen by humans. Tate and Elf recently took a trip to Vegas to escape the SLC winter and get a few more things for the project. I’ve had a sneak peek at what the video and my mind was blown by the things Tate thought up. Keep your eyes peeled for this in the next month or so. Thanks Riley Smith for the photo!

Tate Stopper.

Mastroni | 09.18.13

Photo Jul 28, 3 29 50 PM
Been saving this one for a rainy day here, plus with the whole crew trekking up to Salt Lake in a couple days, this seems appropriate. If you know Tate you’ll know that the man enjoys riding over anything bumpy and perhaps even more so, getting as sideways on his bike as he possibly can. Here’s the best of both worlds. Thanks Austin Boyd for the photo.

Tate’s Chain So Icy….

Mastroni | 08.7.13


When Tate isn’t reenacting Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and/or violating fruit for Instagram, he can be found studying any concrete setup with a chain on or near it, trying to figure out any possible way to make it grind. This time around it looks like he succeeded. Word on the street is that Tate is working on an OSS edit with Elf, so my guess is that you’ll get to see this clip along with Tate’s Dropout Grind Gif when that video comes out. Click below another angle and more shenanigans. Shout out to Austin Boyd for the snaps!… more

New Dig Ft. Tate Roskelley Interview.

Mastroni | 06.25.13

DIG 95 covers FINAL.indd

Here’s a first look at the new Dig cover featuring an interview with our man Tate. The majority of the interview was shot while we were out in Salt Lake a couple months back with Rob Dolecki, and I can assure you Tate did some pretty interesting things to keep your brain entertained. Make sure to pick this one up when it’s available and check out the full cover after the jump… more

Tate’s Fork Grind

Brian | 12.30.12

Steve Bancroft (Associate editor/ Photographer/ CEO of Elephant Dist.) sent me this pic awhile back, before the SLC Albion scene report and Tate’s edit came out. I really didn’t know what to think about it at the time but after really studying it some more, I thought it was an amazing picture and captures what BMX really is;  Riders having fun, doing whatever the hell they want to do and making an awesome picture in the progress.  Whether you like Tate’s riding or not, we all can agree that it’s the most interesting riding we’ve seen in years.
Thanks again to Steve and the Albion for letting me use the picture.  Hit more to see the full picture. more

Tate Roskelley: TGIF

Brian | 09.28.12

Tate and I must have shot this over a year ago and it didn’t get used for whatever the reason.  Drifting itself is hard as shit (a trick that I just can’t do to save my life) let alone one handed and off a ledge.  Leave it to Tate to make the unthinkable possible.  Tate rules!  Sorry if it takes awhile for the animated gif to get going, it’s a large file.  Enjoy!

[Re-Up] Tate Roskelley’s First Volume Vid

Brian | 09.5.12

Mastroni and I were just talking about Tate’s first video yesterday and I just had to go watch it again.  The riding, song choice and Tate’s originality make this video a instant classic. Check it out again and if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in store for something you might have never seen before.

Chasing Eyes with Tate

Brian | 08.23.12

Albion (Steve Bancroft) just put up some extra pics from his UT scene report when he last went over to cover those dudes.  If you haven’t seen the issue with the article, check it out.  There’s some really cool stuff in there.  The one that stands out in my mind is the wild one with Tate’s front wheel off his bike while grinding his fork.  I can’t even explain it, you just have to see it for yourself.

Tate Pond Skim To Polejam Flipbook

Mastroni | 08.13.12

On an OSS trip to Salt Lake City earlier this year, Tate had mentioned to me that he’d been looking for a pond setup to lay wood across, and do something out on the other side, but he hadn’t yet found the right body of water with somewhat level ground on either side. Ever the thinker and explorer, Tate finally found the setup he’d been looking for involving a polejam out of the water on the other side. CLICK HERE to check out the photos as well as some insight from the man himself on what went into making his idea a reality.