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Salt Lake City UpTate.

Mastroni | 07.8.14

I’ve been out in Utah’s finest city with creative genius Tate Roskelley for the past few days sweating our asses off & chipping away at his upcoming section in The Finer Things. I’m always amazed at the concepts Tate comes up with and this trip so far has certainly had me on my toes (literally running away from flying bikes and debris) trying to find the best angles for his madness. Here we are scoping another one. Shout out to Matt Windsor for the photo.

Tate Powerslide Sunday Wallpaper.

Mastroni | 07.6.14

How sick is this photo right? Greg Moliterno shot this gem with Tate on a team trip to Phoenix earlier this year, and now you get to enjoy it as your latest desktop background! Tate actually didn’t really end up too hyped on the way the clip looked so you might not be seeing that in his DVD part…however at the end of the day he definitely still slid sideways thru this narrow little space. Click to enlarge…

Tate & DeMarcus In SLC: Days 4 & 5.

Mastroni | 05.5.14

Our last days in Salt Lake were filled with fun times, much ping-pong, spot searching, great clips, and unfortunately a little more bad luck on my part. All things aside tho it was a great time! Here’s Tate eying up a little gem we found in his hometown while I make sure he doesn’t get glass in his palms. Continue reading…. more

Tate & DeMarcus In SLC: Day 1.

Mastroni | 04.28.14

Volume’s newest recruit DeMarcus Paul and myself decided to cruise up to Salt Lake City this past friday to kick it with Tate, stack some clips for the DVD, and uh…do whatever it is that we do. Unfortunately Saturday was pretty much doomed from the start with heavy rainfall thru most of the day and near arctic temperatures effecting our thin sun-spoiled California blood. Yesterday (Sunday) on the other hand was a complete 180. Here’s Tate, Elf, and myself reviewing Demarcus’ first clip of the trip. All photos by Volume blog-ographer & team nutritionist Margie. Click for more from Day 1…. more

Tate’s OSS Web Video.

Mastroni | 02.6.14

This one has been a long time coming. Tate hitting the world once again with his amazing brand of creative street riding. You know you’re gonna watch this at least 10 times…so why are you still reading? Shout’s to Elf for making this. OSS.

Tate Roskelley #GETCREATIVEVLM Video Entry.

Mastroni | 02.3.14

Volume: Tate Roskelley #GETCREATIVEVLM from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Although there seems to be some confusion around the web, this is not particularly “Tate’s contest.” However, we do see it fitting that he has the first team video entry given his creative reputation. Stick around all this week for more team entires for our #GETCREATIVEVLM Instagram Contest. To enter: Follow us @volumebikes & submit your best/most creative trick by using the hashtag #getcreativeVLM on your photo or video. Winner will be picked February 14th and receive a Volume Bermuda Frame!

#GETCREATIVEVLM Instagram Contest!

Mastroni | 01.23.14

It’s a new year for Volume and we have a new contest for all you guys out there who’d like to win a FREE Bermuda Frame. All you have to do is follow us @volumebikes, then post a photo or video of your most creative trick on your Instagram and hashtag #getcreativeVLM. We will announce a winner on Friday, February 14th. Good luck and get creative! Tate pic by Joey Cobbs