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Vicente Candel in California

Brian | 01.14.14

Vital just dropped a little video of the Spaniard, Vicente Candel, from the 3 months he spent in California last year. Vicente definitely made the most of his time in the states and he always had the best stories every time he visited the office. Stories of sleeping in rental cars, riding, partying, and of course… Four Loko. We miss ya buddy!

Vicente Half Cabs

Brian | 10.7.13

Within a month or so on his vacation to America, Vicente Candel has done more than most do in a lifetime. Him and good friend, Dan have been all over SoCal and as far as Vegas.  All while escaping getting arrested and staying out of trouble. This shot was from a couple weeks back where he hit the wallride to 180 and then half cabbed over the rail. Vicente is a half cab/ full cab machine, he has that trick on lock! Click image to go BIG!

Vicente LA Update

Brian | 09.19.13


Our good bud from Spain, Vicente Candel has been in LA for a couple weeks now and has been shredding, partying and taking in all the SoCal sites.  He’s now settled in at Huntington Beach and couldn’t be happier with all the beach babes and what a chill scene it’s been there.  He came by the office the other day to shred the ramps and give you guys this sick looking no hander fakie pic. Click image to go BIG!

Spanish Rider, Vicente Candel’s Welcome Edit

Brian | 01.15.13

Spanish powerhouse and new Volume rider from Spain, Vicente Candel took a special week long trip with filmer/ rider, Javi Benito to the land of endless spots and hot women, which is none other than Barcelona. His speed and flow in this edit is endless, plus there’s some bangers that surprised us all. Thanks again to Javi for making the edit and Vicente for killing it as always. Get watchin’!
Filmed & Edited by Javi Benito