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Tate & DeMarcus In SLC: Days 4 & 5.

Mastroni | 05.5.14

Our last days in Salt Lake were filled with fun times, much ping-pong, spot searching, great clips, and unfortunately a little more bad luck on my part. All things aside tho it was a great time! Here’s Tate eying up a little gem we found in his hometown while I make sure he doesn’t get glass in his palms. Continue reading…. more

Tate & DeMarcus In SLC: Day 1.

Mastroni | 04.28.14

Volume’s newest recruit DeMarcus Paul and myself decided to cruise up to Salt Lake City this past friday to kick it with Tate, stack some clips for the DVD, and uh…do whatever it is that we do. Unfortunately Saturday was pretty much doomed from the start with heavy rainfall thru most of the day and near arctic temperatures effecting our thin sun-spoiled California blood. Yesterday (Sunday) on the other hand was a complete 180. Here’s Tate, Elf, and myself reviewing Demarcus’ first clip of the trip. All photos by Volume blog-ographer & team nutritionist Margie. Click for more from Day 1…. more

Salt Lake To Idaho #slc2idaho Day 5.

Mastroni | 09.28.13

What started out as a cold doom & gloom rainy day actually ended up being hands down the most fun and most productive day of the entire trip. Funny how that works out huh? Here’s Platt keeping himself occupied at the first spot with some found items. He also found a dope fold out dolly thing that a homeless man once upon a time used to cart around his belongings, now it will be used for our generator. All photos by Devin Feilmore

Salt Lake To Idaho. #slc2idaho

Mastroni | 09.23.13


On the road again. This time we’ve rounded up the likes of Alex Raban, Broc Raiford, Alex Platt, Matt Cordova, and of course Tate Roskelley for a little visit to Lake City and two days up in Idaho Falls, ID…hence the 2…so clever I know. Our good buddy Devin Feil is along for the ride on the photo front, so this should be a great trip! Be sure to follow along with our travels on Instagram at #slc2idaho.

Tate Stopper.

Mastroni | 09.18.13

Photo Jul 28, 3 29 50 PM
Been saving this one for a rainy day here, plus with the whole crew trekking up to Salt Lake in a couple days, this seems appropriate. If you know Tate you’ll know that the man enjoys riding over anything bumpy and perhaps even more so, getting as sideways on his bike as he possibly can. Here’s the best of both worlds. Thanks Austin Boyd for the photo.

Salt Lake City: Day 1.

Mastroni | 05.7.13


On the road againnnn. This time around Alex Raban and Myself deiced to make the trek out to Salt Lake City to hang out in front of colorful walls with Tate while he works on shooting an upcoming Dig interview Rob Dolecki. We have our good friend and BMX girl O.G. Margie Richlen tagging along for the week to keep you entertained with blog photos. Margie used to shoot for the T-1 zine…yeah that O.G…so I think she can handle hanging out with us for a week. Lets do this… more

Tate’s Fork Grind

Brian | 12.30.12

Steve Bancroft (Associate editor/ Photographer/ CEO of Elephant Dist.) sent me this pic awhile back, before the SLC Albion scene report and Tate’s edit came out. I really didn’t know what to think about it at the time but after really studying it some more, I thought it was an amazing picture and captures what BMX really is;  Riders having fun, doing whatever the hell they want to do and making an awesome picture in the progress.  Whether you like Tate’s riding or not, we all can agree that it’s the most interesting riding we’ve seen in years.
Thanks again to Steve and the Albion for letting me use the picture.  Hit more to see the full picture. more