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Finer Things Shop Premieres & Re-up

Kevin | 01.14.15

We’re getting ever closer to the release of The Finer Things release and we can’t wait. We’re currently working on our world premiere here in sunny Southern California, and have shop premieres in the works as well. If you’re a dealer and are also wanting to have a premiere at your shop from mid to late February, then hit up Brian or Kevin at 562-926-5828. Here’s the trailer to get hyped again.

Denver Trip Days 6 & 7.

Mastroni | 06.17.14

Seems faster than it actually was but shit, we’re already back in California. Friday and Saturday were our last two days of riding and we wasted no time taking care of business & tying up all our loose ends around the city. We also had an awesome shop stop @ Pusher BMX on Saturday which is always a great time! A huge thank you again to our dude Dustin Arp for all the spot hospitality and just being a boss…and a huge thanks to the entire team for making this trip such a success! CLICK IAMGE TO EXPAND GALLERY. All photos by Joey Cobbs.

Denver Trip Day 5: Pedal Action BMX.

Mastroni | 06.14.14

Today’s update is stacked so I hope you guys like many, many photos! We started off our Thursday morning at the above “ditch with rails” spot seen previously in Nugz and MTN Mission videos. Josh and the K-man both took to it right away with some unique moves before we packed up for our shop stop @ Pedal Action BMX down in Colorado Springs. To say the shop stop went real well would be an understatement. The turn out was great and every kid there was beyond stoked to meet and ride with the crew. Pedal Action is a relatively new shop (I think less than 2 years old) and it’s also BMX only. Shops like that are awesome because they are in it first and foremost to help the local scene thrive and survive. We rode some shit out front, played some foot-down, signed some posters, tossed some products, ate some burgers, and then headed over to the skatepark. If you know colorado skateparks, you already know that the park itself is amazing, but I’d also like to point out how great the vibe was there as well. I’ve never in my life (well at least in California) been to a skatepark where the skaters and riders got along so well…not only that but a bunch of skater kids even knew who everyone by name and were chanting for Broc when we arrived. We ended up filming a ton of awesome shit at the park, and that will most likely be coming to you in the form of a Vital video by Krejmas sometime in the near future. CLICK IMAGE TO EXPAND GALLERY. All photos by Joey Cobbs.

What’s In Store??

Mastroni | 12.9.13

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 12.26.14 PM
You may have noticed since black Friday, that yes we do in fact have a webstore now. Good news for you is that in addition to having some of the dopest tees out there currently available, there’s quite a few closeout deals on hardgoods going on as well…making The Volume Online Store your one stop shop for all your favorite Volume products. Get some.

New Year, New Contest…

Kevin | 01.4.13

There’s now a new avenue for you to get your Volume Bikes product through CasualBMX. Casual is a new SoCal based BMX mail order shop through Incycle Bicycles. To celebrate their launch we and Demolition Parts have teamed up with Casual to run a contest for a brand new Demolition Rolls V2 and Phantom V2 cyan blue hubset, and some Volume Bikes shirts and stickers. Any orders for Volume or Demolition products from now through Jan. 31st are automatically entered to win. Check the flyer for details and get to ordering on Casual!

Volume In Arizona: Day 1.

Mastroni | 12.3.12

It’s Monday Monday Monday and that means that we get to start dropping some daily updates on you for the duration of your work/school week showcasing our time out here in Arizona. Drew Hoss hit me up a little while ago about Gordy’s Bike Shop‘s big annual jam on December 1st, so I decided wrangle up the likes of Broc Raiford, Billy Perry, Matt Cordova, and Victor Galindo(g), to make the trek out into the desert to meet up with Drew and Eric Bahlman for a little last minute filming trip based around the Jam. After a long night of driving and surviving we made it to the shop for Saturday morning. Check out mucho photos courtesy of Erik Hilburn aka “Evil Joey” below, but not before giving Cordova’s nac nac seat grab above a second or third look….how does that even make sense!?

Matty Long’s Bike Check ID

Brian | 09.25.12

When Matty first got his production Miship frame last month, Lucas D’Angelo went out and shot him put it all together.  He ended up having so many good shots, we decided to make a flipbook ID of the build.  Mastroni also threw in a mini interview with Matty about his frame and about him gaining weight too, haha. Check out the ID HERE.

Sept Team Shop Stops

Brian | 09.13.11

Lil Stevie, Matty Long, Pat Casey and Drew Hosselton are heading up to CO to film/ shoot.  They’re making 3 stops along the way at Amuerte BMX, Just BMX and Pusher BMX for a meet and greet.  If you’re in the area, come on by and meet the guys.  There will also be a Volume product toss and the guys will be signing whatever you want.  See ya’ soon!  Click more for the full flyer.   more