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Utah With Tate Part 1.

Mastroni | 09.19.14

I am now relaxing out East in my hometown of Kent, Connecticut after spending an awesome week in my other home away from home (Salt Lake City) with creative genius Mr. Roskelley and of course our good friend Elf. We studied some new spots, got creative, got some clips, drank some beers…you know, like what you do on a trip. CLICK TO EXPAND GALLERY. Shoutout to Riley Smith for the photos.

Salt Lake City UpTate.

Mastroni | 07.8.14

I’ve been out in Utah’s finest city with creative genius Tate Roskelley for the past few days sweating our asses off & chipping away at his upcoming section in The Finer Things. I’m always amazed at the concepts Tate comes up with and this trip so far has certainly had me on my toes (literally running away from flying bikes and debris) trying to find the best angles for his madness. Here we are scoping another one. Shout out to Matt Windsor for the photo.

Tate & DeMarcus In SLC: Days 4 & 5.

Mastroni | 05.5.14

Our last days in Salt Lake were filled with fun times, much ping-pong, spot searching, great clips, and unfortunately a little more bad luck on my part. All things aside tho it was a great time! Here’s Tate eying up a little gem we found in his hometown while I make sure he doesn’t get glass in his palms. Continue reading…. more

Salt Lake City: Day 6.

Mastroni | 05.15.13


Day 6 started off with a little re-visit to the pool from Day 3, and then to this train yard gem up in Tate’s hometown of Ogden, Utah. At the pool however, in a sudden strike of role reversal irony, Dolecki took out Tate! Rob was taking a run while Tate was chillin’ in the shallow end, and Rob roasted a big double peg pretty much coming back down directly into him….S&M Challenger stem directly to the back bone! Rob definitely felt really, really bad about it…but after a couple hours Tate ended up being alright and we we all kinda laughed it off… more

Salt Lake City: Day 1.

Mastroni | 05.7.13


On the road againnnn. This time around Alex Raban and Myself deiced to make the trek out to Salt Lake City to hang out in front of colorful walls with Tate while he works on shooting an upcoming Dig interview Rob Dolecki. We have our good friend and BMX girl O.G. Margie Richlen tagging along for the week to keep you entertained with blog photos. Margie used to shoot for the T-1 zine…yeah that O.G…so I think she can handle hanging out with us for a week. Lets do this… more

Tate Wessel.

Mastroni | 02.27.13

So, this is real life. Apparently the most defining common denominator between the Volume team is their love for the timeless art of costume….ing? Despite Tate’s best efforts, I think Nate really makes that 4 sizes too small women’s pink snow suit look like he’s been wearing it his whole life…and for that, he has my vote. Sorry Tate…maybe next time add some pieces of flair. It’s not all fun and games in the SLC tho…check out Tate eying up a beast of a rail after the jump…. more

The End Of The World: Tate Roskelley 2012 Video.

Mastroni | 12.21.12

Volume Bikes: Tate Roskelley 2012 Edit. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

In honor of the last day of the world, and subsequently the end of the BMX world as you know it, we invite you to delve into the creative mind of Mr. Roskelley for a few minutes. From biblical water travel capabilities, to cartoon inspired banana peel slides, to tricks that arguably are achieved with a funny looking unicycle and not a bicycle…Tate is constantly pushing the envelope in terms of what the parameters of BMX bike riding actually are. In Tate’s mind they simply don’t exist, and they shouldn’t in yours either. It’s a brand new time period in Mayan history, a new year is around the corner, and hopefully it’s a time for more fresh ideas like this in BMX…go out there and get creative!

Filmed by Jordan Utley & Elf Walters.
Edited by Jordan Utley.

Music: Beach House – “Myth”