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Ride’s Texas Toast Steet Finals & Photo Gallery.

Mastroni | 10.21.14

The fine folks at Ride BMX are leading the way in the finest of Texas Toast coverage this year. Here’s street finals in a nutshell with our own Zach Krejmas behind the K-cam. Congrats to Broc for coming in 8th and Bahlman for getting a clip operating a TRV900. For a drunken Nora Cup red carpet photo gallery featuring all your favorite BMX characters, click here.

Raban’s RIDEbmx Bermuda V2 Ad

Brian | 09.16.14

Alex is by far one of my favorite humans, the dude can rip it up on a bike, not take himself too serious, and is one of the happiest/ good dudes I know.  Him and Devin Feil shot this rail ride a bit ago, and it turned out to be the perfect photo to show off Alex’s new ED Penny Bermuda V2 frame colorway for his new RIDEbmx print ad.  On that same note, if you are interested in getting Alex’s ED Penny or Drew Hoss’ ED Blue, jump on it now.  These colors are only available for a limited time. Click top photo or click more to view the whole ad.  more

Brocafloka With One Hell Of A DP

Brian | 06.9.14

Broc X Vessel new RIDEbmx ad
The Volume crew originally went down to the local ditch near the office to hang out and film a couple things, and later called me to shoot “a double peg that Broc wanted to try”.  Once I got down there and saw what he was eyeing up, I obviously was stoked to shoot one of the highest rail double peg grinds I’ll ever see.  I’m no double peg historian on who did it higher or anything but this has got to be up there.  Not only did he get it on the rail solid, he also went back over into the small bank seen in the third shot.  This Vessel frame ad was featured in the new RIDEbmx 200 issue, and looks even better in print!  Click image to view the whole ad.
>> iPhone Wallpaper: Hold down over the “THIS” link to open image in a new page, then save image to your camera roll.  more

Volume In Ride Issue 200

Brian | 06.4.14

Mastroni Ride 200
We just scoped out the new RIDEbmx issue 200 and saw that it has a slew of crazy photos of Volume riders in it. It’s a badass issue with a ton of good photos and interviews too.  Be sure to check it out at your local bmx dealer, Barnes And Noble or wherever else you buy mags.  TM and creative rider extraordinaire with an insane roller coaster chainjam photo by Jeff Zielinski

Volume In Z’s Best Of 2013 Pics

Brian | 01.3.14

I always loved Z’s pics for his choice of composition, colors, feel and style, so I’m even more stoked to see he chose some of our riders for his best of 2013 pics.  Be sure to check out all of Z’s best of 2013 pics here at: RIDEBMX MAGAZINE’S BEST OF JEFF Z. PHOTOS. Click the top pic to view all of our Z pics from last year…

“I looked back through the nine issues of RideBMX from 2013 and I made a collection of almost 70 of my favorite photos printed in the magazine over the past year—uncropped, layout free, and with the captions straight out of the magazine. It was a pretty daunting task and I’m sure I could have narrowed them down a lot more, but I figured, “who doesn’t like looking at photos?” So the more the merrier I guess. These photos are only a fraction of the great images in every issue of Ride courtesy of our very own Keith Mulligan and Ryan Fudger, as well a long list of talented contributing photographers, as well. So if this is the first time you’re seeing a lot of these photos, maybe it’s time you subscribe. And for those of you who already do, have fun looking back over the the last year in BMX photos.” – Jeff Z/ RIDEbmx