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Jason, Raban, & Mastroni In Jeff Z’s “Top 10 Photos Of 2014.”

Mastroni | 01.2.15

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 8.56.50 PM
Ride just posted BMX photography god Jeff Z’s top 10 photos of 2014, and wouldn’t ya know it, us Volume guys scored 3 out of the 10 with Jason, Raban, and Myself all included. Thanks Jeff, it’s an honor! Hit the link for the rest, here’s Jason with quite possibly the best X-up version of himself (Canadian) ever captured.

#VLMDemoJapanTour: Days 1 & 2.

Mastroni | 05.17.14

Well shit, we made ‘er boys! The first couple days over here have been nothing short of amazing. From the riding, fun times, unique BMX shops & great food, to how well Motocross International have been taking care of us…this trip is certainly off on the right foot. In the interest of time here I’m gonna be doing gallery format for all the daily updates instead of my usual ‘write a funny story about each photo’ method. So click thru & enjoy all the ridiculousness from Broc, Raban, Myself & the rest of the crew on our first two days here in Japan. Follow along with the trip on IG n all that at #vlmdemojapantour. Click to launch gallery. All photos by Joey Cobbs.

ReRe-Up: Bermuda Frame Promo.

Mastroni | 12.19.13

Volume Bikes: Bermuda Frame Promo. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

I know I’ve probably re-posted this before…most likely in the weeks following it’s release, but I just listened to this song again on my flight back east for Christmas and it reminded me of this promo. Yeah, whoever made this is probably a pretty cool guy. Check out Raban, Broc, and Drew killing it then (shameless store plug) PICK ONE UP HERE!

Santa Barbarians: “The Quest For The Holy Rail” Full DVD.

Mastroni | 09.5.13

So stoked this is finally online! Features full sections from Volume riders Alex Raban, per-pubecent Victor Galindo, and 17 year old Victor Galindo. Also lets not forget about Cody Bowers, Ian Munroe, Sean Emery, Holy Rail conqueror Chris Arriaga, & more! DVD by ‘titty feelin’ villain’ Alex Raban.

Chachi Bar Contest Winners.

Mastroni | 07.15.13

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 12.15.29 PM
Well well, this contest has been quite interesting hasn’t it? Here’s @eyelurk’s drawing above and @johannny’s drawing below who will both receive a pair of golden Iron Chachi Bars. Raban has also informed us that he’s picking several other winners on his own who will receive a free copy of the Santa Barbarians DVD. He will announce those people in a bit here on his personal Instagram account. On behalf of Alex and everyone here at Volume, we’d like to thank all you for participating, and even if you aren’t one of the lucky winners, your drawings will forever live on in the Instagram world under the #chachibarcontest hash tag. Check out the other winner after the jump! more

Raban, Bahlman & Platt In BMXFU 4/20 Jam Vid

Mastroni | 04.25.13

This is so incredibly ridiculous. Alex Rabong, Eric Bong-man, and Fat Sack Platt get some shine in this awesome and over-the-top video by Charlie Crulmish of from the 4/20 Jam in Austin this past weekend. The whole team was actually on hand, but as expected most of them were too busy celebrating to get clips. Buncha damn slackers if you ask me…

Weekend @ The Wreck Edit

Brian | 02.13.13

You might have seen Mike’s last Wreck post and the edit just went live. You can check out Platt, Victor shreddin’ and Raban on the mic. How good is it that Raban wore his “bling” during his local Fox news interview, gotta love Raban.