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Zach Krejmas In The Finer Things Poster

Brian | 01.23.15

First in our series of dissecting our The Finer Things poster (on sale for 1 penny on our shop)  photo is none other than the renaissance man, Zach Krejmas.  We’ve been sitting on this rad dinosaur downside whip of Zach from our last big Colorado trip for a bit and stoked it finally got used for the poster.  Click photo to go big!  Photo by J.Cobbs

The Finer Things Poster

Kevin | 01.19.15

The other day we dropped the backside of our poster with all our new 2015 parts and frame line, and today we’re showing off the front with all of our guys that will have full length parts in The Finer Things DVD that will hopefully be up on your wall soon.   Get at the poster here on our shop page (it’s only $.01!!!).  Keep your eyes peeled for individual online wallpapers of each shot and a lil writeup about em soon.

Poster Catalog

Brian | 01.16.15

On our all new Finer Things poster, we included all of our 2015 parts line that we’ve been showing off since 2014′s Interbike show.  I’m personally proud to show this stuff off, especially since Volume has been nothing but frame, fork and bars for the last 14 years.  Now we have a slew of new parts line that we’re all fully proud to ride and show off.  Hit HERE to view the full catalog of parts. More info on how to get one of the posters soon…

Poster Dissection: Billy Perry

Brian | 10.6.13

Billy and friend
There’s so many good pics in our 2014 poster that I thought it would be a good idea to show off each individual one. First one is Billy Perry and his new best friend in Long Beach. This guy was so stoked on Billy doing tricks that he ripped a big ol’ air guitar every time he landed. Just doesn’t get any better than that.  Click image to go BIG.

Posterlog Backside

Brian | 09.22.12

The other day, we posted the front cover of the new posterlog.  This is the backside with all the new goodies; Bermuda frame (team frame), Bourbon St Bar (Broc’s Signature bar), Midship (Matty Long signature frame), Jedi cast stem, Drifter V2 (Tate Roskelley signature frame), Mamba fork, Broc Signature seat and our new Flag seat.  We’ll have more info and pics on each individual item on the blog shortly.

Stevie’s Massive Truck

Brian | 06.9.12

Every time I stare at this picture I just can’t imagine anyone doing anything down it, let alone sending a truck driver.  We were just updating Stevie’s bio and he said the following about the above picture that was shot 2.5 years ago.
The Volume poster of me trucking this huge gap. It’s my favorite cause it was the biggest thing I’ve ever jumped down and I was nervous to send it.

Interbike Poster

Brian | 09.16.11

This year during Interbike we tried something completely different and showed off all our new goods inside the hotel of the Venetian.  We have a ton of new projects in the works for next year and we figured why not and at least be there in the most relaxing atmosphere possible.  It was really cool to throw some back with our dealers and friends while going talking BMX.  What can possibly beat that?
We honestly don’t have too much new goods to show off besides our new Pat/Lil-Stevie, Mystery Machine frame.  Check out our Interbike poster after the jump more