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Settin’ the Bar….

Kevin | 07.15.14

Drew Barista Fire Spread

Drew HossBoss’s and Broc Raiford’s Barista and Bourbon Street bars are back in stock for the peak of summer. Yeh, we know, we’ve used this photo before, but how could we not throw it back up!? This is such a sick photo! I get stoked every time I see it!  Go cop some new bars are your local Volume retailer or favorite mailorder.

Enns & Crew @ The Pool.

Mastroni | 10.24.13

The pool? Yeah actually Enns probably rides enough crazy pools all the time to write a book about it. This time however he brought Alex Platt, Vicente, and Myself along for the ride to check out a pool he’d been to once before with Rooftop in hopes of filming some stuff for his upcoming Cerberus frame promo (due out this coming week!) Here’s a crazy pocket air coupled with my extremely armature photography skills. More (better) photos below… more

Long vs Fish: Barstow or Bust

Brian | 09.25.13


Enns got a heads up on a pool to ride in Barstow and wanting to break up our trip on the way to Interbike with a quick ride, so we couldn’t refuse. The pool was a bit tight but any new pool is always a fun one, especially in the middle of the desert. The abandoned hotel the pool was next to was so desolate that  we honestly thought we were on set of Walking Dead. That might be another story though. Click more to see the long shot. more