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Matt Cordova Gets Dirty

Brian | 08.23.13


You might have seen a couple of our posts on our Instagram of Matt Cordova doing his usual crazy action on dirt. Nothing beats going out to shoot and having someone just knock out back to back tricks, it just makes a photographers job that much easier. Granted dirt is a bit easier than going to street spots but Matt always makes it easier cause every damn trick he does is 100% usable and stylish. I ended up getting a solid handful of pics but didn’t know if I wanted to blow em’ all on a flipbook or a couple here and there on posts… Click image to go big or right click to save.

This Time Last Year

Brian | 07.22.13


@WoodwardCamp sent over some cool pics of Broc from when he was at Woodward East last Summer.  This snake run flair doesn’t get any better!  If none of you have been to camp, it’s seriously awesome.  I especially love the Woodward East, nothing beats those Summer sunsets and riding with all the homies.  Click image to go BIG.  Pic by: @thejeffbrockmeyer

Jason Enns Pic of the Day

Brian | 02.13.13

Since we got up our new lip jump out back, we’ve been having some awesome sessions. Some guys getting back what they’ve lost over the years and some just learning weird new jumps they haven’t tried yet over gaps/ dubs. Enns is always one to screw around with whips and got back his 180 DS ones over the new jump. Pic by Surrey Steve.

Stevie’s Massive Truck

Brian | 06.9.12

Every time I stare at this picture I just can’t imagine anyone doing anything down it, let alone sending a truck driver.  We were just updating Stevie’s bio and he said the following about the above picture that was shot 2.5 years ago.
The Volume poster of me trucking this huge gap. It’s my favorite cause it was the biggest thing I’ve ever jumped down and I was nervous to send it.

Enns Pic!

Brian | 01.9.12

Enns and I went out an a filming mission the other day and I snapped a quick photo of him doing a switch double peg to bush hop.