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Enns Being The Adventure

Brian | 05.2.14

Enns over tooth in the middle of nowhere
Being the bmx adventurer that Jason is, he found this crazy dirt bike launch ramp out in the middle of nowhere.  I have no idea how he finds this stuff!! Since it was a hike to get to the thing it makes me wonder even more how he found this thing.  This was the only thing out there between the foothills too.  With all that aside, we got this epic looking over-tooth photo on the 2′ wide launcher and made the journey all worth while.

Free Broc

Brian | 04.10.14

Broc crank arm

Very rarely do we get anything for free  So when Tommy Blanco sends over this pic that just says “free Broc crank pic” we jump on it.  Big shoutout to Tommy for hooking up this sick pic of our man, @BrocAFloka.  Click pic to go BIG!


Wallpaper: Matt Cordova

Brian | 12.20.13

Matt once again blesses your desktop with this absolutely insane invert air. I originally saw this ramp on Keith Treanor’s Instagram and finally got a chance to go there with Matt and Broc. Leave it to Matt to pump the hell out of this 7′ mini and go 8′ plus on these inverts. Click to go BIG or right click to save to your desktop.

Vicente LA Update

Brian | 09.19.13


Our good bud from Spain, Vicente Candel has been in LA for a couple weeks now and has been shredding, partying and taking in all the SoCal sites.  He’s now settled in at Huntington Beach and couldn’t be happier with all the beach babes and what a chill scene it’s been there.  He came by the office the other day to shred the ramps and give you guys this sick looking no hander fakie pic. Click image to go BIG!

Cannonball Killian

Brian | 03.7.13

Killian “The Viking” Mcguinness is at it again on our backyard ramps.  I’m a sucka for a great cannonball pic, always loved that trick.  Killian got that sh.. dipped and everything too.  Too bad he slipped on one of em’ and got a lil’ shinner.  Don’t click more if you are easily woozy over blood, haha. more

All Or Nothing Platt

Brian | 02.4.13

For all those that don’t know Alex Platt aka Smokey McPlatt that well, he’s the all or nothing rider. He’s also one of the funniest dudes I know, mainly cause he doesn’t even know it. Kinda like Ozzy Osbourne on that reality show he had. Regardless, Alex is an amazing rider that just goes for wild shit. The same day we shot his welcome pic, we got an ad pic (you’ll see soon) and this pic, full speed dumpster jump. Check it out BIG by clicking the pic.

Drew Does Magic

Brian | 01.28.13

Drew Hosselton was in town last week after the guys’ week long AZ trip to film more for the DVD.  We all ventured down south to hit up the above spot one day and got some amazing stuff of Drew that hasn’t been done before, which is rare cause the spot has been blown out by every other pro rider.  Above pic is of Drew in a mid magic carpet grind (front peg and pedal) in a line to another rail.

D Goes Big

Brian | 12.20.12

Daniel “D” Martinez is mostly known for being the smooth line machine but on occasion he goes nuts with huge tricks.  This ice (pictured) in LA is absolutely nuts, I know a lot of riders have talked about it but don’t think it’s been done till now.  It’s steep and long as hell.  D is working on his new Osiris edit that he’s putting some time and banger tricks into.  Be on the lookout for that to hit soon. Pic by: Ryan Pankonin