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Lucas Dartford Update.

Mastroni | 08.17.12

My good friend and photographer Levi Brewer sent thru some photos he got with our grassroots rider Lucas Dartford, down in good ol’ Austin, Texas. Check out more photos after the jump..

“Hey guys,
Lately I’ve just been kickin’ back and trying to survive that Texas heat. I swim all day and ride all night. I’ve been filming here and there…cookin’ something up right now and should be out in a couple of weeks.”

Alex Raban Filming Up-Late.

Mastroni | 07.18.12

Here’s a hand-full of photos from our second weekend trip up to the central coast to film with Alex, that I was planning on dropping with along with the edit…better late than never right? If you haven’t seen the edit yet CHECK IT OUT RIGHT HERE. More photos, tricks you didn’t think Raban could do, and just general silliness after the jump…

Stevie Check

Brian | 05.26.12

Stevie may be out for a short while due to a minor crash (ran into a rail) that left him with a broken thumb and some stitches but that doesn’t stopped him from getting over some pics of his latest bike and a shot of him getting rad. Big thanks to Kane Lavalla for the sick pics. Check below for full specs on Stevie’s latest whip. more

Alfredo Update

Brian | 04.30.12

After spending a good portion of last year and the beginning of this year recovering from a knee injury Alfredo is back full force. He has been going hard getting work done for the video camera. Here are a few pics from a warm up session we had this past weekend after the jump. more

Drew Hosselton Update

Brian | 04.24.12

Drew Hosselton just sent over an update with a few words.

Hey dudes,

I got a little update for you. Its starting to really heat up out here, but we have all been super productive riding and filming. Had a really good weekend stacking clips for my Hunt section as well as working on a pools edit with Adam Banton. I stumbled across this gem of a spot right by my house, and managed to get some moves on it.

Thanks dudes, hope all is good