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OSS “Plug Prices” Video.

Mastroni | 11.28.14

Raban has some amazing clips in here, watch it! I’m not quite sure why Adam decided to name a web video after his electric bill and/or the awful looking things kids with teenage angst put in their ears, but the riding was great regardless of how expensive or inexpensive these “plugs” are. OSS.

Broc’s Frame Release Party Recap

Brian | 03.31.14

Broc’s frame release party at the OSS store in downtown Los Angeles went awesome and couldn’t have asked for a better turnout.  Everyone that rode got involved in the product giveaway in one way or another and definitely saw some rad stuff go down on the OSS grind box and the bike long jump.  Huge thanks again to the guys at the OSS store, Jarritos, Odyssey for hooking up giveaways and to all those that showed up to celebrate Broc’s new Vessel frame release.  Click the top image to view the images of the days events.

Tate’s OSS Web Video.

Mastroni | 02.6.14

This one has been a long time coming. Tate hitting the world once again with his amazing brand of creative street riding. You know you’re gonna watch this at least 10 times…so why are you still reading? Shout’s to Elf for making this. OSS.

OSS Full Factory Video.

Mastroni | 01.30.14

Well this was a damn fun time! The other day I met up with Broc as well as OSS riders Stevie, Begin, and Garrett Reeves for a session at our neighbors across the ditch, Full Factory. Although we barely touched the actual ramps, Jim Bauer was nice enough to move the rails/ledges around for us in order to film this explosive video…

Broc @ OSS Retail Store In La.

Mastroni | 12.11.13

In case you weren’t already aware, OSS now has retail store in Downtown LA. Adam’s new home base now serves as a place for everyone to go and hang out, get medicated, gossip about pretending to know famous rappers, compare naked pictures of their friends, and ofcourse shoot BMX videos…here Broc does just that. In between very dramatically picking out new tee shirts and exiting the store in 1000fps, he manages to get some actual riding clips in there too. Good work boys…you know I’m just playin.

My OSS Football Section.

Mastroni | 11.23.13

OSS “Football” DVD: Mike Mastroni from On Some Shit on Vimeo.

I don’t think I’ve ever really made a post about myself on here, but whatever. The Come Up were nice enough to re-up my section from our very first OSS Video today, so I figured I’d throw it up on here too. Filmed mostly in Austin, TX, New York City, and way back home in Connecticut.

OSS ‘Bing Kings’ Video.

Mastroni | 08.29.13

For those of you who don’t know what a ‘Bing’ is…..well actually I think it’s better that way. If you know, you know. Shameless self promotion post with this one featuring a few fun clips of some guy named Mastroni. OSS affiliates Craig and Charlie made this video during their time out in California for the Ruin Your Whole Summer premiere. If you haven’t seen RYWS yet, check that out in it’s entirety here.

OSS Ruin Your Whole Summer Photo Gallery.

Mastroni | 08.16.13

raban gap to smith SLC

The Come Up just dropped an exclusive photo gallery from Ruin Your Whole Summer. Unless you live under a rock you’ll have already noticed there is quite a good amount of overlap between the Volume and OSS teams. That overlap includes some dope photos of Alex Platt, Myself, Tate Roskelley, and of course Alex Raban above with this insane gap to smith. All photos by Devin Feil.