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Broc In the New Odyssey 30•15 Video

Brian | 12.13.15

In typical Broc Raiford fashion, he comes through with some powerful moves in the new Odyssey 30•15 video. The whole video is chalk full of insanity, don’t miss this one.
“2015 marks Odyssey’s 30 year anniversary, and to celebrate we put together 30•15 with sections from the entire Odyssey team. We’ve been filming for this thing the whole year and are stoked to finally get to share it with you.”

The Catalyst For Broc Raiford

Brian | 02.2.15

So many kids ask us how they get sponsored and while we give them the usual vague answer, there is no real mathematical equation.  Other than being super humble, fitting the image of the brand, being a cool kid and being a badass on a bike, there isn’t too much more…  That and putting out an exceptional online edit.  This Welcome to Odyssey that Broc put out a few years back helped us decide.  Now the dude is a powerhouse in just a few short years, funny how it all works out.

Broc’s Whip

Brian | 02.20.14

The dude’s over at Odyssey just threw up a rad bike check with Brocafloka, AKA Mr. Broc Raiford. Check out his current Vessel prototype that he’s riding at Simple Session right now. Word on the street is that Broc will be building up a brand new production Vessel frame when he gets back from Estonia, stay tuned for that!

Broc’s Ecuadorian Adventure Pt 1.

Mastroni | 12.1.13

Earlier this year Broc went to Ecuador with Odyssey Teammate Hoang Tran. Here’s part one of their travels including most notable moments; Car breaking down one mile out of town, Broc eating human spit & what looks like some sort of fried bugs, and a dude trying a superman frontflip at a park contest. Stay Tuned for part two in the coming weeks.

Broc’s New Odyssey Edit.

Mastroni | 08.12.13

Since making the move from Louisiana to Huntington Beach, Broc settled into the scene nicely and has stayed steady working with Fracis Castro on this Odyssey edit…and I must say it was worth the wait! Broc has come a long way as a rider over the past year or so, and seriously every time i ride with him he’s just better and better. The last two tricks in this will surely back up that statement and then some. Well what are you waiting for? Trap ain’t jumpin, everything twerkin.