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No Handed Deemo

Brian | 07.29.14

When DeMarcus first got on the team, Joey (Cobbs) went out to shoot some photos of him for his Team Page and came back with some solid photos. This one in particular was saved for this very point in time. Full speed up the big ass bank to no-hander over the rail. Click image to go big >>

Vicente LA Update

Brian | 09.19.13


Our good bud from Spain, Vicente Candel has been in LA for a couple weeks now and has been shredding, partying and taking in all the SoCal sites.  He’s now settled in at Huntington Beach and couldn’t be happier with all the beach babes and what a chill scene it’s been there.  He came by the office the other day to shred the ramps and give you guys this sick looking no hander fakie pic. Click image to go BIG!

Enns Spreads His Wings.

Mastroni | 02.1.13

As I could see thru Instagram there was a pretty legendary step-up session going down at the warehouse the other day with Castillo, Povah, Rooftop, Mulligan, and of course Jason. Clearly Enns is becoming very proficient with tuck no handers…but the real question is, can he turndown? I’ll do some further research and get back to you. Mike Escamilla Photo.