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Examining The New Wave

Brian | 03.4.12

ESPN/ Mike Hines wrote a really cool article about the new wave of originality in street riding that has come out in recent years.  Our very own Tate Rosekelley and Mike Mastroni were heavily mentioned throughout the article. “What inspires me to do things how I do them has a lot less to do with what other people are doing, and a lot more to do with just simply doing what personally keeps my passion for riding alive.” – Mike Mastroni

Mastroni’s ESPN Interview

Brian | 03.1.12

Mike’s latest edit has been getting a ton of love from not only the BMX community but all bicycle advocates.  His riding to me is refreshing to see in the day in age of flips, spins and other crazy tricks that only a hand full of riders in the world can do.  His riding to me is what street riding is; riding whatever the hell you want to ride and actually putting thought into each trick. ESPN (Brian Tunney) just did an interview with him about the making of the video and what’s involved in some of the tricks he does. “A lot of times I’ll find something and not really be too sure what to do on it. Then I’ll just kinda sit on it for a while till something pops into my head, and then I’ll go try it.” -Mike Mastroni

Average Day in Riverside

Brian | 08.29.11

Just saw this up at the RIDE BMX site. Both, Mike and Bryan both ride Volume’s and are homies of ours. Check the video, these dudes kill it! “For this edit Mike Lakin and Bryan Olivas wanted to show an average day of riding in Riverside…Work on the jumps at Mike’s house for a while and have a session, then grab some food before an afternoon session, and finally head to the Compound for the evening. Not a bad day.”- RIDE BMX

Mastroni OSS

Brian | 02.11.11

This is the first video that got me really into Mastroni’s riding. Really reminded me a lot of how Tate rides. Real original and has super good style. Good work Mike!

Mastroni’s First

Brian | 12.29.10

Mike Mastroni just got on the team a month ago and already came out with this amazing edit. I’m always a fan of riding that doesn’t look like anyone else’s out there. Mastroni definitely sees things in his own way and is always refreshing to see firsthand.